Let’s talk about anger and temper

In a span of a few hours this morning, I’ve already felt a roller coaster of emotions. From being eager to come to work despite the thunderstorm, to being grateful for my husband for driving me, to impatiently waiting at the line in the MRT up to losing my temper over an insensitive couple withinContinue reading “Let’s talk about anger and temper”

Are We Worshiping Our Sexuality? #PrideMonth — BeautyBeyondBones

First things first: I have a new video up! Yall sent in some really POWERFUL questions — especially about dealing with triggering people in recovery! It’s definitely worth a watch! (If I do say so myself!) OK ONTO TONIGHT’S POST! Well, in case you’re locked in a bunker somewhere and don’t know…it’s Pride Month. I’m… viaContinue reading “Are We Worshiping Our Sexuality? #PrideMonth — BeautyBeyondBones”

8 things to consider when you speak the truth in love

I recently followed a young, smart, pretty, PTV4 reporter, host, and actress on Instagram. I didn’t know her before this year until news on her engagement with a young actor and dancer surfaced. I got curious because it took them a decade to finally come to a decision to get married – and personally, IContinue reading “8 things to consider when you speak the truth in love”

Some people can’t handle chill

While Social Media use is widespread today, only very few people know how it truly works. Zach, when you read this, know that not everything posted on social media is everything the person who posted them is. These are snippets of his break time amid the horrifying realities he faces daily – especially on Instagram whereContinue reading “Some people can’t handle chill”

The 2017 Bb. Pilipinas Finalists Visit Manhattan Garden City

Metro Manila, Philippines – Two weeks post-coronation night, the 2017 Binibining Pilipinas finalists are making the rounds among their media networks and sponsors, including Megaworld Central Properties, Inc.’s (MCPI) Manhattan Garden City, an equally stunning 18-tower residential development at the Araneta Center. Bb. Pilipinas Universe Rachel Peters, Ms. International Mariel de Leon, Ms. Intercontinental KatarinaContinue reading “The 2017 Bb. Pilipinas Finalists Visit Manhattan Garden City”

MMFF Saving Sally: Pretentious or Ambitious?

MMFF Saving Sally: Pretentious or Ambitious? For the first time in years, change has come to the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) with its new and refreshing lineup of eight Indie films (Independent films) that controversially toppled its mainstream counterparts as official entries to this annual competition. Much to the delight of moviegoers, who haveContinue reading “MMFF Saving Sally: Pretentious or Ambitious?”

Have a grand time at Le Grand Cirque this Christmas!

Metro Manila – Good news! The circus is in town! All to prepare in advance our holiday gift that everyone in the family would enjoy! “Le Grand Cirque”, a large scale circus production composed of world-class performers, will be here from December 25 to January 3, 2016, to offer us everything we’ve been dreaming ofContinue reading “Have a grand time at Le Grand Cirque this Christmas!”

Christmas Party: 18-hours non-stop

December’s one of my favorite months. Aside from the cooler weather, dinner invitations here and there, Christmas bonuses, and a shared festive spirit, we (in our company) also get to have double parties at work. This year, the marketing team had everything planned..(or not. lol). We were able to successfully organize both the parties ofContinue reading “Christmas Party: 18-hours non-stop”

Metrowear 2016: A win for Wynn Wynn

Wynn Wynn Ong – an epizeuxis in her name and yet couldn’t seem to accentuate enough how many hearts she has won that stunning night of the recent Metrowear Icon. Mine included – the heart of a simple girl who doesn’t even consider herself a fashionista much less a jewelry wearer as written in the bioContinue reading “Metrowear 2016: A win for Wynn Wynn”