Why saying “DDS KA PA RIN?” is counterproductive

In the middle of heated debates on Government decisions amid a pandemic is not where we want to be, but here we are. Social media use is in its all-time high, with most of the Filipino citizens still on home quarantine despite the GCQ transition. And naturally, social media feeds get flooded easily with “humbleContinue reading “Why saying “DDS KA PA RIN?” is counterproductive”

Let’s talk about anger and temper

In a span of a few hours this morning, I’ve already felt a roller coaster of emotions. From being eager to come to work despite the thunderstorm, to being grateful for my husband for driving me, to impatiently waiting at the line in the MRT up to losing my temper over an insensitive couple withinContinue reading “Let’s talk about anger and temper”

Are We Worshiping Our Sexuality? #PrideMonth — BeautyBeyondBones

First things first: I have a new video up! Yall sent in some really POWERFUL questions — especially about dealing with triggering people in recovery! It’s definitely worth a watch! (If I do say so myself!) OK ONTO TONIGHT’S POST! Well, in case you’re locked in a bunker somewhere and don’t know…it’s Pride Month. I’m… viaContinue reading “Are We Worshiping Our Sexuality? #PrideMonth — BeautyBeyondBones”

The 5 Dangers of Truthless Rock and Roll

There are movies that make us go aww and wah and there are those we just need to blog about because of so many thoughts that need discussion. Such is the movie A Star Is Born by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. This is the third remake, which means the story has reached generations ofContinue reading “The 5 Dangers of Truthless Rock and Roll”

Testifying vs. humble bragging.

Perhaps the most common problem Christians face today is being thought a braggart in the midst of sharing God’s goodness and grace to others. If becoming a witness is what we’re called to do, then at the expense of being dubbed a hypocrite, a perfect person (perfect ka eh), jollibee (bida bida ka ba), orContinue reading “Testifying vs. humble bragging.”

5 Prayers to Pray For Your Husband

These prayers give us wives the best words to pray to God for our husbands. Because we love them completely and are only after their growth and joy, and we think about them every day, I’m sharing with you these beautiful words written by Tish Hedger. 1. Strength in the midst of discouragement Lord, I prayContinue reading “5 Prayers to Pray For Your Husband”

In other news: Man told to carry his weight.

People of the world, there is an urgent need for all of us to be mindful of others. A while ago, I hopped onto the train fully aware, equipped, and prepared for the usual crowded experience as it were also rush hour. This means, I try my best to make room for more people, whoContinue reading “In other news: Man told to carry his weight.”

What happens when busy moms decide to meet up with their kids along?

My friend has been on my blog since our outdoorsy, beach, hiking, spelunking, canyoneering and mountain climbing days. Our stories revolved around fun and YOLO – the millennial meaning and implication, yes. Now she’s back in my blog.. tamed. We both are, not because we lost our natural spunk and spirit but instead, we areContinue reading “What happens when busy moms decide to meet up with their kids along?”

Should you really go and love yourself?

When we are full of ourselves, we miss God’s glory. But how could we tell if we are bound by something not pleasing to God when it looks so simple and harmless, and we do it every day? As I write this, I wait for the train at the platform. An hour remains before IContinue reading “Should you really go and love yourself?”