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Jazz is a city girl with three full-time jobs: corporate advertising practitioner, a wife, and a mom. Despite the busy schedule, she loves thinking about vacation and, when lucky, gets to actually have it once in a while. Since she's in the city most of the time, she expresses city-level qualms and delights in all her online posts; and a heightened desire for "what's out there". Follow her blog as she discovers parenting for the first time, battle her social drawbacks, exercise faith, improve her strength, and mature into a true adult some day.

Relax in luxury dome tents amid nature at Juan’s Place

Now you can book a unique, clean, and beautiful geodesic dome tent at this new glamping site at the boundary of Santa Maria Laguna and Infanta Quezon. Bask in the healing powers of nature while keeping the bees out so you can enjoy both the rawness of real camping and the luxuries of a bed and hot shower.

A deeper connection with family and nature.

This off-grid, private family mountain resort, Juan’s Place, offers a premium glamping (glamorous camping) experience as low as P6,000 a night. For a day, my family and I reveled in the relaxing nature sounds and the healing effects of the cool mountain breeze that the vicinity is famous for.


But aside from that, we also got to use other facilities like the reflexology pools, clean grills in the outdoor kitchen, and activities for kids like a mini-golf, a playground with swings, and bonfire at night.

There was an available mini golf session during our stay
Kids can play field games like footsal
Posing by the bonfire area

The generous space in Juan’s Place is an instant magnet for child-led play. My son and niece, ages 7 and 4, considered it a chance to play a good round of tag. 

Zach runs on Juan’s Place’s field.

It was also an excellent avenue for a football game or volleyball. 

Trick or treat? 😀

Right at the quiet corner of this open field is a cabin-in-the-forest type of house available for bigger families who wish to use the resort exclusively.

The Main House Front View at Night.
The Main House Back View

I can imagine bringing my friends to this Place for that well-earned bonding experience.

What’s cool about this house is this sizable stage, ready to host the incoming series of parties once this pandemic ends!

Ready for your gig!

Whether it’s a band performance, open poetry nights, or simply hosting duties, this deck would be perfect for spicing up both big and intimate events!

At the edge, we can sit casually and hang our legs over the lake-inspired koi pond.

The activities within the resort were already enough during our stay. But Santa Maria Laguna is also famous for cool dining places. So we decided to eat breakfast the next day at Paseo Rizal, an easy 20m walk from the resort, though there is an option for food deliveries.


The Shinrin-yoku.

But the real star of this stay is the new, unique, clean geodesic dome tents with a unique landscaped window overlooking the big leaves and trees from the forest where it’s sitting.

It allowed me to feel super connected with the nature that I needed but safe enough from the elements of rain and insect bites.

My father smiling
Tent amid nature
Basking in the lush forest.

Our dome is cleverly named “Shinrinyoku,” which was coined by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries in 1982 and can be defined as “making contact with and taking in the atmosphere of the forest.” (Source Linked)

Our tent’s expansive, cantilevered wooden deck is true to the dome’s name, leading us to the edge beside a flowing stream. The sound of the trickling waters added to the nature experience and is genuinely a mood-elevating factor.

You can choose from other domes in Juan’s Place, each ranging in sizes and amenities. The largest accommodation is the Wabi-sabi, an “enclosed compound, with a geodesic tent sitting atop the open-design living area.”

Front Left Wabi-Sabi, Back Right Shinrin-Yoku

This living area offers exclusive access to a kitchen with cooking amenities – perfect for bigger groups.

A geodesic dome tent makes glamping more enjoyable than the traditional A-shaped tent because its extra poles make it more robust against harsh outdoor conditions.

It also has a great design with roomy interiors and open windows, so you will not feel deprived. This type of tent also has space for a reasonably-sized bathroom with a toilet and bath, a hand basin, soap dispensers, tissue and holder, and the most important of all, a bidet sprayer.

Not only is this geodesic dome-style sturdy. I realized it also complements the natural bowing shape of the tall leaves that surrounds it. It feels like nature is telling us that it’s here to cover and heal us from any stress and anxieties we may have felt for so long.


At first, I was determined not to take “unnecessary” vacations for fear of dear life in this pandemic. But when I learned that this new family mountain resort is off-grid, private, and secluded — accepting only minimal guests on a reservation basis, I knew that this is the kind of vacation we need. 

Kids smiling

And I never knew I needed it this much until we went there! 


Even my 7-year old son Zach, who has been online learning for two straight years now, has found the excitement and relaxation he didn’t know could be possible!

“I love this place, mom!” he kept saying almost every second of us being there.

Just a quick backstory, since Zach grew up speaking in English, he’d often ask us if he could live in America, where the language is naturally spoken. But a night after this trip, just before he fell asleep in our bedroom, he said, “I don’t want to go to America anymore. Because Juan’s Place is in the Philippines. I like Juan’s Place.”


My father, 68 years old, had a month-long battle with an illness at a hospital abroad. Due to low blood sugar, he fainted and woke up in the ICU, unable to walk. But, by God’s amazing grace, he recovered and came home to us to enjoy retirement in the Philippines. 

At first, he needed help with the first few steps of the resort. But he was able to do it. He stood by our tent’s platform whenever he could to breathe in the fresh air, which he claims has healing components and can cleanse all kinds of illnesses.

Who would have imagined that months after a scary experience, he is strong enough to be enjoying this beautiful Place with us? Only God can allow that.

I asked his opinion on the title of this blog, and he replied, “Most people are searching for a cure in their suffering from the current pandemic and its consequences. The title suggests a conducive forested place to relax within the tent with amenities and be healed by serene nature amid flora and fauna.”

Mukhang sa kaniya ako nagmana ng inglisan.


When I asked my siblings to join us, it was fortunate that my niece was on semestral break so they tagged along.

Pretty Kayla

My sister recently adopted a vlogging hobby to document their family’s travels. Juan’s Place figured a great addition to their portfolio of videos on Youtube! Watch our Juan’s Place video HERE.



Although I won’t personally recommend it, since I was genuinely after the off-grid, disconnected experience, I find it convenient, especially for my companions, to have the OPTION to connect to the Internet via a simple (but I think is very cool) ‘Piso-Net’ machine from the nearby store.

Attending online class on a coin-based Internet connection

You can insert coins to enjoy the fast Internet if you need to, so you can respond to an urgent happening back in the city. We even managed to have Zach still appear in his online classes in the morning too!


Since we intended to take a vacation without the risk of catching any virus, I’m happy to share that we have achieved this goal. 

Juan’s Place is indeed a place where you could confidently remove your masks for a while and trust in the protection and healing that God’s natural gifts of family, plants, and trees provide.

How to Get to Juan’s Place

Juan’s Place is a unique mountain family resort at Santa Maria Laguna and Infanta Quezon boundary. If you’re coming from Katipunan, Quezon City, simply take Marcos Highway, through Cogeo, and straight up the Marikina-Infanta Road, past the municipalities in Rizal like Boso-boso, Baras, and Tanay.

Taking a stop at the Santa Maria Laguna Signage

The owners of this Place intended to create a nature-rich paradise exclusively for their growing-up kids to enjoy. But now, they are generously opening their doors to share the healing effects of glamping in nature with more families in need of a vacation.

Because the Place is new, slots get filled out fast. I strongly recommend that you claim your priority booking reservation when you message through their website today!

+639691640766 | |

Have a happy and safe glamping!


How to succeed in big tasks despite your flaws.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking ‘I don’t think I can’ at one or more points in your life? Maybe you have been given a new task or were asked to participate in a meeting that you feel is out of your league. Perhaps you have been appointed to lead a project, which you know nothing about. How would you react to it?


In the past twelve years of formally working in the corporate world, I’ve come to define myself as the introverted communications gal. I am fascinated with media and content, but never with people – unless I’ve been with them for, say, ten years, enough to feel comfortable.

What is holding you back from fulfilling what you’re meant to become?

It does sound ironic, but it is possible. I rely on structured communications plans, audience data, and the tried and tested ‘formula of surprise’, but I’d instead type away behind a screen and let others do the talking.

Has it worked for me? I think it has. But it has held me back from reaching my full potential as well.

Today is a convenient time to write, my son’s asleep, and I have the time to think. As I reread Moses’ story from the pages of Exodus, I get reacquainted with his first encounter with God.

Now let me back it up a little, for the sake of you who needs to remember, Moses was our baby boy who floated on a bassinet across the Nile only to be discovered by Pharoah’s daughter and was eventually raised as one of them in Egypt.

Now I speak of Moses as an adult – after he fled from Egypt to live a happy life with his wife and children. And as he tended the flock one day, he saw a burning bush that intrigued him. When he walked over, God spoke to him and said, “I am sending you to Pharaoh to bring the Israelites out of Egypt.”

Curiouser and curiouser.

And imagine this being instructed to a humble man/woman such as yourself by the boss, right? Perhaps, you’d say, “Pharaoh? Egypt? How come all these horrible things keep haunting me? Past is past! “ Or, we could think, “Me? Why me? I never studied this in class back in college. I know nothing about freeing people. Who am I to be the one to lead?”

Who am I?

This is exactly how Moses felt. He said, “Who am I that I should go to Pharoah and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?” (Exodus 3:11)

But that’s not his only question, he was also suddenly conscious about what other people will think of him. He asked, “What if they don’t believe me?” (Exodus 4:1)

Then, he started seeing his weaknesses and shortcomings. “Lord, I have never been eloquent. I am slow of speech and tongue,“(Exodus 4:10). See here, the bible reveals that Moses had a ‘disability.’ Maybe, physically, he cannot speak well – he stutters, and that’s not because he was shy or timid, but he was born that way – his features were not perfect.

And as if God has not gotten his signal, he said finally, “Please send someone else to do it,” (Exodus 4:13).

But the amazing thing is that God, in his sovereignty was already able to think ahead. He never invalidated Moses’ feelings – instead, he encouraged him that DESPITE ALL THESE NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT HIM, He still chose him to do this very special mission.

For the sake of clarity, here is everything that God said to Moses, while he’s busy doubting himself.

“Who am I that I should go to Pharoah and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”“I will be with you and this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you.”
“What if they don’t believe me?”“What is that in your hand? (A staff) Throw it and reach out your hand and take it by the tail. (Moses threw his staff and it turned into a snake, he reached out again and the snake turned back into a staff). This is so that they may believe that God appeared to you.”
“I have never been eloquent. I am slow of speech and tongue,”“Who gave man his mouth? Who makes him deaf or mute? Who gives him sight or makes him blind? Is it not I the LORD? Now go, I will help you and teach you what to say.”
“LORD, PLEASE SEND SOMEONE ELSE TO DO IT.”Then the Lord’s anger burned against Moses and he said, “What about your brother, Aaron the Levite? I know he can speak well. He is already on his way to meet you, and he will be glad to see you.
Moses’ Self-Doubt vs. God’s Response

Wow! Doesn’t Moses’ words sound familiar? We may not have uttered these words ourselves outwardly, but inwardly, we indeed have thought about them.

“Bakit ako?” (Why me?), “Sana iba nalang.” (I hope someone else does it.), “Parang hindi ko yata kaya,” (I don’t think I can.)

Is this you? Are we in this situation? Let this be a reminder, that as you get busy highlighting your flaws, the God who created us sees us differently. He knows our flaws, yet he also trusts in our capacity to be instruments of his work on earth.

So here are some tips to help you learn how to think correctly when faced with an impossible task.

1. Think Before You Doubt

It is a natural human reaction to refuse or reject a new idea right away. We tend to think that since we have no past knowledge of a topic, we cannot comment or participate in it. But once we get to understand what we’re up against or what’s in store for us, acceptance becomes more effortless.

Think first. Think right.

This is the very reason that we are always encouraged to seek knowledge above all. Not knowing something is a dangerous thing, and as the saying goes, “is not an excuse.” So, if you are given a task you know nothing about, the first thing you should do is say, “Let me think about it.” It is a safe answer since you did not reject and did not hastily accept right away.

In the office setting, you can try to be open to your superior about your reservations. If you have a great leader, they can encourage you by walking you through the job expectations.

2. Know and Grow

As briefly mentioned, we should make it a habit to upgrade our knowledge for the sake of fulfilling our roles or being a blessing to others. It’s just how the world works and what people need to survive!

Go to the source.

First-time parents have never studied parenthood while they were in college. But because the situation requires them at one point, they start reading books, attending classes, or simply creating a system based on their experience.

Despite the truly daunting task, responsible people try to do everything to get at least a piece of additional knowledge regularly to equip them with the task at hand.

In your next meeting, listen and take down notes. Then, make it a habit to report right away. In my experience, I find it helpful to check on my understanding of something based on the quality of the report I submit. Taking my time to draft a statement allows me to review what transpired. And if there are things I don’t understand, I feel compelled to research more.

3. Define who you are.

Let’s face it, most of our life decisions depend on our perception of ourselves. “I’m just not cut out for this,” or “Who am I to do it?” or “But I don’t think I can.” All these comments are reflective of who we think we are. And if we think of ourselves as a low-life, good-for-nothing loser, then that is who we will be. 

Who am I really?

And to be brutally honest, humans are flawed. So if you think we cannot do things right, you are right! Everything starts with the mind. Some things are just out of our human capacity, and we can’t do anything to influence change.

But what if we find our missing piece from a power source? What if we start surrendering our flaws to someone who knows better? What if we never have to worry about our next career steps because we trust that God is sovereign and His timing is always right?

Just like Moses, we can always ask, “Who am I?” But without God’s voice to answer that, there is a real danger to turn to other people for answers. Answers that they themselves are not sure of.

Clinical depression is one thing. But getting sad for other people’s comments is another.

We have to realize that humans are humans. And just like you, they have their prejudices. And if a human does not know God, he can be a real danger to others in the sense that he can claim finality over an offense that can crush another.

Likewise, if a human does not think correctly, he can be a danger to himself so that he may believe that what other people think of him is absolute.

But if people are confident in his image under God’s, it will take more than hurtful words to crush a spirit. Think of it as being anchored securely on a solid rock vs. swaying and shaking atop loose soil.

Where will you anchor yourself?

So the next time an officemate comments negatively on your performance – especially for something you’ve worked so hard for, it will help you feel secure with WHO YOU ARE as a person. It allows you to become resilient in difficult situations.

To whom do you belong?

There’s no confusion here, and it does not mean to be proud. But if you accept that you are meant to do great things for God, then you will never be wrong.

All I am saying is this, your perception of yourself is critical in doing the complex tasks at hand. Who are you? Who or what do you believe in?

And before you even think about nitpicking all of your flaws, remember that you are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). God knew you before you knew yourself, and if you read Moses’ story, you would realize that He sees you in His eyes — perfect and capable of carrying out the mission he has set for you.

So the next time you find yourself saying, “I am planning to open a business, but I don’t think I can,” or “I am leading this project, but I don’t think I can,” stop on your tracks and go to step one. Ask yourself, where are all these self-doubt and self-consciousness coming from? 

Maybe, it’s about time to think less of the self and more of God. Let’s be God-conscious, and soar successfully with all our tasks.

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