Congratulations to our First Bloggerazzi Contest Winners

Last week, we launched a photo and caption contest among aspiring online influencers under the theme “I can do it” and “I can do more.” The game was simple. We asked each blogger to send over their best photos with the best captions to be liked and shared in social media, subject to points. And, after seven days, we were able to name the following winners! Congratulations to our first bloggerazzi contest winners!



Lauren, Candis, and Daphne make up the poshest squad you’ll see on the internet today. From high school pals to current day fashion gurus, this trio is indeed a team to watch for as they slowly make their way into the limelight. In their photo entry, they were able to style their pajamas beautifully into an everyday urban look. I honestly didn’t even think they were rocking pajamas when I saw them that day! What talent! The concept was very well thought out.



Neri Ann is one tough momma! Despite her small frame and baby face, who would think that she’s already a mom to twin toddler boys at first glance? I mean, I am a mom to a toddler, and I already know how tough (but fulfilling) it can become. So that gives me so much respect to other fellow mommies. In this photo, she’s basking underneath the scorching sun despite not having any extra clothes to change into (in case she gets wet) AND despite her 5-months old baby bump. Yes, that’s right! Even with a baby coming she still looked elegant and game for anything. (And she still made time for this event.. hehe). I think that’s how I want to be as a mom. Energetic, loving and persevering!



Jel is such an ideal blogger to work with! I hope she won’t get mad when I reveal that she WAS THE VERY FIRST TO ARRIVE on site. AND THE VERY FIRST TO BLOG about us. No ifs, no buts just pure professionalism. Any brand would truly appreciate having her in their writer’s pool. And, turns out that all her effort paid off when she placed in this competition. Go ahead and jump for joy!

All winners shall receive staycation or dining privileges in a top notch hotel in Quezon City. Check out the official facebook announcement here.


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