The 5 Dangers of Truthless Rock and Roll

There are movies that make us go aww and wah and there are those we just need to blog about because of so many thoughts that need discussion. Such is the movie A Star Is Born by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. This is the third remake, which means the story has reached generations ofContinue reading “The 5 Dangers of Truthless Rock and Roll”

5 Prayers to Pray For Your Husband

These prayers give us wives the best words to pray to God for our husbands. Because we love them completely and are only after their growth and joy, and we think about them every day, I’m sharing with you these beautiful words written by Tish Hedger. 1. Strength in the midst of discouragement Lord, I prayContinue reading “5 Prayers to Pray For Your Husband”

Should you really go and love yourself?

When we are full of ourselves, we miss God’s glory. But how could we tell if we are bound by something not pleasing to God when it looks so simple and harmless, and we do it every day? As I write this, I wait for the train at the platform. An hour remains before IContinue reading “Should you really go and love yourself?”

18 things I learned this 2018

I skipped my 2017 year-end blog last year because it was too difficult a year to write. Needless to say, I wasn’t well at that time. I started 2017 up to the early months of 2018 with negative emotions – anger and hatred toward other people. I lived every day nursing an evil thought ofContinue reading “18 things I learned this 2018”

Problems? No problem!

Early this year, I struggled with having my husband see the world the same way I see it. I even blogged about my surprise when I first found out he “doesn’t pray because he doesn’t want to be a hypocrite.“ But God never left us. Throughout our sufferings and confusion, his eyes were fixed onContinue reading “Problems? No problem!”

“Make Yourself” by Jerald Ferriol

How I wish sometimes that my husband were also a blogger so that he could have an avenue to express his learnings without me having to pry it from his semi-laconic demeanor. But, oh well, God made us into different people with unique qualities. But one time, he purposefully told me that he wanted toContinue reading ““Make Yourself” by Jerald Ferriol”

Questions every wife should ask her husband

Take it from our married chinita Heart Evangelista who asked these questions straight to her husband Chiz Escudero in the now-viral Q&A vlog. So last night, my husband readily answered these questions with short but honest responses. I was surprised that despite him being busy in the middle of killing a boss in one ofContinue reading “Questions every wife should ask her husband”


This weekend, I had a 20-min. breakdown. With my 4-year old kid literally beside me. I’m thankful he was there because while I was screaming underneath the pillows and maybe banging myself on walls, he was just there, safe at a corner, laughing all throughout. I was rampaging inside but his innocent mind thought IContinue reading “Downtime.”

When kids hide, seek them out.

One Monday, I took half a day off to observe my kid in school. I’ve heard he accidentally pulled off a classmate’s earring, and did some other things a typical, importunate toddler would do so I decided to come by and see for myself. It was a short but meaningful experience especially when I don’tContinue reading “When kids hide, seek them out.”

When God Gives And Takes Simultaneously

Today, I read a story of a married couple who grew old childless. Despite feeling incomplete, they remained servants of God, lived a life of righteousness; and filled their every prayer with the hope that someday, they’d be granted an offspring. One day, the husband, let’s call him Zechariah, learned that God was listening after allContinue reading “When God Gives And Takes Simultaneously”