Let’s talk about anger and temper

In a span of a few hours this morning, I’ve already felt a roller coaster of emotions. From being eager to come to work despite the thunderstorm, to being grateful for my husband for driving me, to impatiently waiting at the line in the MRT up to losing my temper over an insensitive couple withinContinue reading “Let’s talk about anger and temper”

8 things to consider when you speak the truth in love

I recently followed a young, smart, pretty, PTV4 reporter, host, and actress on Instagram. I didn’t know her before this year until news on her engagement with a young actor and dancer surfaced. I got curious because it took them a decade to finally come to a decision to get married – and personally, IContinue reading “8 things to consider when you speak the truth in love”

Proverbs 1

My mom keeps telling me to read the bible, claiming that in case there are some things in life I don’t understand, the bible will reveal the answers to me. She then specifically mentioned that I start with the book of Proverbs. But I grew up putting off this activity, until now. Today, I decideContinue reading “Proverbs 1”