Testifying vs. humble bragging.

Perhaps the most common problem Christians face today is being thought a braggart in the midst of sharing God’s goodness and grace to others.

If becoming a witness is what we’re called to do, then at the expense of being dubbed a hypocrite, a perfect person (perfect ka eh), jollibee (bida bida ka ba), or a humble bragger, we continue helping out spiritually.


Recently, I just appreciated the message in giving. I’ve always skimped on money, reveling in the fake assurance that keeping all the money for me to selfishly use anytime could make me feel safe and happy.

I failed to realize that everything I have come from God – He who gives. And so, I started believing in tithing. The amount that could have been used for some personal whim, I give cheerfully to church, an instrument of hope and salvation to other people.


Little did I expect that this small gesture of giving allowed my heart to help others financially as well. Without greed or malice or the feeling of being cheated on. I am also able to make financial decisions based on my faith and not let money or lack of it dictate my life. And as alive as God is, I never ran out of money since. God has known exactly what I need and has been providing everything since.

So one day I shared this amazing discovery to a friend, in good faith, saying how tithing has helped me in the past months. But in an awkward response, there was silence.

I would never know for sure how he took it. But I, later on, realized that I must have sounded like a boast. At first, it made me feel bad. But I also thought I couldn’t keep silent especially when someone asks for advice and I am experiencing the answer every day.

So for the purpose of discussion, I have made a table of comparison to better help us

1. check ourselves each time we testify to others and

2. Check others when they testify to us.


Until today, I hear some people think of me as, in Pinoy term, “Plastik.” And for a moment my wild self thought about being offended. And then I realized, “Who am I?” I am nobody. If I were “plastik” then I’m a plastik dust (Genesis 3:19) Haha.

Then it made me calm. Truly, God’s peace surpasses all human hurt and our own understanding (Philippians 4:7)

It doesn’t matter what people call me. If I were self-conscious I’m only making things about me when it’s really about Christ. (John 3:30)


Also, through this, I am always reminded to check on myself. I am not perfect, I fall every day. But I try and there’s no turning back (except for this photo). God has been gracious.

Have you ever felt judged because of the messages you share with pure intent? If so, do you think we’re doing something wrong? How could we improve and be more sensitive to other’s current perception?


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