About Me

The Silent Communicator

Working in Silence while Making the Most Noise.

I believe one must follow his purpose despite the limitations he was born with. The past 12 years of my career as a frustrated advertising practitioner and brand specialist have revealed who I truly am — an excellent communicator despite my years of mistakes, frustrations, and self-doubt.

Throughout the rough beginnings, being a one-person agency, armed only with a dying college degree and a glaring pit of introversion, I was able to create effective speeches, advertising campaigns, and communication plans that breathed their own lives and hit targets.

Today, I continue crawling the dynamic field of Digital Marketing through continuous self-learning, practice, and, yes, vital mistakes. Amid the bombardment of daily requirements, a communications career crippled by math, and stressful, self-centered humans, I can say I have finally cracked the code to fulfilling the ministry I was designed to accomplish with less conflict as possible.

Despite choosing silence over chaos and isolation over relationships for years, I have also had my fair share of crazy wins in life. None of that flashy material awards because I was never made to believe in useless things; instead, an internal and lifelong growth that has helped me overcome my weaknesses as an INTP type in the workplace.

All of these elements brought me to start jazzyhappy. Since I launched this project to document my feelings of happiness and contentment amid my daily fight for perfection, the blog has been thriving and quickly gained a loyal following.

To see how I turned my weakness into lifelong strengths, browse my stories, learn about my passions, and explore what inspires and interests you as well.


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