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Married for two years

My husband and I got married exactly two years ago today, March 8th, which also happens to be “International Women’s Day”. When you see wedding photos on the internet everything’s filled with invisible hearts and it would seem as if you can hear people in the photos dreaming. Two years into my marriage, I still find myself dreaming of a great life with my hubby and son. Not that the past two years wasn’t great. But truth be told, it’s not the fairy tale story we’ve read in books when we were young either. And that’s very much okay. I’ve learned that we need to accept the reality of things that we owe it to ourselves to be able to attain that great life we so loved.



Today as I see it, marriage takes a lot of sacrifice and compromise. You get to realize that none of you are perfect but eventually you’ll get over it and love each other anyway. Everyday, we strive to become better as an individual and as a couple and that’s what matters most.