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Yoko na bes: What to do when you find yourself in stressful situations

In a world of bills, responsibilities and “adulting”, stress unfortunately finds its way to us whether we like it or not! For the unlucky ones, stress begins on a Sunday night, at the mere thought of Monday fast approaching.

What is it with Monday anyway? Perhaps it means the end of a weekend filled with lounging around and ice cream. At the same time, Mondays open another series of weekly requirements that tax our bodies and spirit to deliver.

Stress could manifest itself differently in various scenarios too! For instance, have you ever experienced floating on top of a flamingo in the middle of nowhere? And suddenly finding yourself in deeper parts of the water, realizing you don’t know how to swim?14642114_10154408775376013_570608319105303780_n

Just kidding.

But reality speaking, stress could feel just like that. When you’re not familiar with the feeling of pressure, it’s easy to grab at straws and topple over.

Good news is that there’s a way to maneuver your way through stressful situations. Here are some things we could do:

1. LOVE MONDAYS – even more figuratively, this means we should love the things that we can’t control! For the longest time, I’ve been hearing people say “Monday nanaman bukas” dreadfully or “Hindi pa ako ready mag-monday!”. And honestly, I feel their alarm! It’s not something I’d want to overcome every week. So I tried to practice loving Mondays no matter the situation. And yes, even after long weekend vacations.


By doing this, I was able to train my mind into thinking that I cannot stop Mondays from approaching. But I can change my attitude towards this phenomenon, which has successfully helped me a lot especially in my working days. Plus, setting your mind at the beginning of the week will help put you in the mood for the rest of the coming days!


This point also applies to other things we can’t control. Like traffic, our monthly electricity bills (we can’t keep ’em from coming), the weather, etc. Instead of stressing so much on whether the party would push through or not because of a storm threat, by all means, re-schedule the event to dry seasons!

2. REACH OUT TO FRIENDS – ask help if you must! Nobody’s an island! Reach for your friend’s, family’s or colleague’s hands or scream if you must. The problem with people who break down due to stress is that they do not know how to delegate tasks so they could relieve himself of some of the pressure. For instance, group planning is an excellent way to move projects forward. But team leaders will subject themselves to stress if they hoard all of the responsibilities. Delegate and share the load with others!



Ok, so you don’t know how to swim. Learn it! Did you know that about half of the things we don’t know, bring us stress! So the in-laws are coming over, and you don’t know how to cook? Learn it! The boss asks you to make a report on the economy, and you don’t know a shit? Research! You have to deliver a speech? Practice!


Learn to navigate the things that you can control! We can learn things, practice, concentrate and nail whatever. By being knowledgeable, we become more in control in our lives. We become happier and stress-free!

Did this article stress you out? Share the pains in the comments!

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