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Masungi Georeserve: 4.5 hours of CardiYOLO!

It took me two weeks to get back to my cardio workout, and it just had to be on the Discovery Trail of Masungi Georeserve, Baras, Rizal! 

I used to think of Masungi Georeserve as simply a mainstream tourist park filled with photo-worthy corners here and there. 

Until finally my friends and I gave it a shot, and discovered that it was no simple feat after all! Instead, a challenging 4.5 hours of cardio and adventure within a protected nature terrain!

We climbed rock and limestone infused trails, went up and down staircases, balanced on ropes and tree trunks, traversed beautiful and wiggly hanging bridges, rolled over ropes, crawled into caves and took tons of photos.

1. “5 mins.” walk to SILUNGAN
Upon arrival at 45 km Marcos Highway, we were greeted by the friendly staff who told us that the visitors’ area was just a 5 min. walk away. 

It seemed to take longer than that, though.

Upon arrival, this flower field caught our eyes, which could serve as a location for that ideal k-drama scene.

Here I am again, destroying the view.

25 mins. of orientation

We learned that Masungi Georeserve was once under threat of illegal mining and destruction. But because of the concern of a group of “passionate individuals” as well as nearby towns in Rizal, the rehabilitation, and preservation of the area took place, which was funded by Blue Star Construction & Development Corporation.

2. 30 mins. in SAPOT

The first attraction we went to is the iconic web that is just right above the limestones. 

It looks pretty in the pictures but in reality, it’s more terrifying especially for those who have a fear of heights! 

Add that our park ranger warned us of gadgets falling off the cliffs, which are never to be retrieved again, made us more mindful of our belongings. Apart from the fact too that one wild move may send us flying off to the ground. 

3. 30 mins. in DITSE

Ditse is like small cave where a cute monkey figure is printed on the ground. I didn’t take photos of it though because I was busy taking one of this heart-shaped stepping stone on the way there! 

Don’t forget to find the heart in Masungi when you visit!

4. 30 mins. in PATAK

A suspended house with a green roof, about 4 swings inside, and an intricately designed round ceiling,which served as our transition area between Ditse and Duyan.  

5. 30 mins. in DUYAN

One of the most popular too, is this long webbed bridge perfect for group photos.

6. 30 mins. in KWEBA NI REUBEN

Mang Reuben, one of the local park rangers, discovered this cave while he was looking for the trail up to Tatay. 

What struck me the most is the fragrant minty scent by the entrance from Duyan due to the Ilang Ilangs that grow nearby. And it’s serene ambiance because of the candles that line the walls. 

7. 30 mins. in TATAY

My most favorite place is the highest peak in Masungi Georeserve, Tatay. We got to enjoy a 360-degree view of this 33-hectare paradise!

By this time, we were already gasping for air from a steep climb, but the weariness seemed to disappear from the first sight of this view, and the refreshing gush of the wind up here.

I literally had a “moment” where I just stared at the beauty right before my eyes. I felt relieved that people actually did step in to keep this place from total destruction. If it weren’t for them we wouldn’t get to savour this kind of beauty. 

8. 30 mins. in NANAY

The second highest peak in Masungi Georeserve!

9. 30 mins. in BAYAWAK

You will literally feel like a bayawak when you come down this path.

Though I look tired in this photo, I am not a bayawak. Haha!

But here I am just taking a breather while the rest of the team struggle their way to the ground. All my muscles are sore but my spirit is fulfilled. 🙂 

Right at the bottom of Bayawak is the playground / swing ground. 

10. 30 mins. of merienda (didn’t include this in the cardio count) 

My third favorite part. Chicken sandwich and calamansi juice. We gobbled it all up even before we could take a photo. 

11. Photo ops every spot

The Discovery Trail is supposed to be finished about 3 to 4 hours, but our team took forever to take pictures, thus the 30 mins. extension.

12. Another 5 mins. of basking under the glorious sunset as we head back to the parking lot.

The best way to score a visit to Masungi Georeserve is to first form a group from 7 pax to 14 pax., then select a schedule online. 

Because of its increasing popularity, it’s more difficult to choose a weekend date, but once you make it, you’ll realize it’s worth it.