Pasig Property Kasara Breaks the Internet

Kasara Urban Resort Residences first broke into the limelight during its launch in 2014, when it promised your very own lake-inspired pool and waterfalls. Who wouldn’t want an out-of-the-city, picture-worthy, nature-inspired backdrop for a home? But over the course of the years, Kasara became not just a fun destination but also an ideal address for keeps….

THROWBACK THURSDAY: My first adventure (Sama-Samar Together: Canyoneering Adventure)

One thing I have also learned is the element of perspectives. See, when you are standing on top of the cliff or the waterfalls, and look down.. you feel that it’s too high and it therefore makes your fear sink in. But when finally you’ve decided to jump off and look back, you’ll see that it’s not that high after all..