These six traits are the most important things our children should learn.

If I were to choose only six traits to instill in my son, it would be these: HUMILITY. SELFLESSNESS. WISDOM AND KNOWLEDGE. RESILIENCE. DISCIPLINE. FAITH AND LOVE. 1. HUMILITY Knowing that we are “nothing” in this world helps us be more empathetic with others. But the most important thing that humility brings is that DESPITEContinue reading “These six traits are the most important things our children should learn.”

3 questions to ask before disciplining your child

A few nights ago my two year old son put on a tantrum for the first time. He was deliberately trying to puke so that I won’t make him come to bed. Although I found it cute, I also didn’t want to tolerate it. It led me to the question: How can I discipline my two year old? IfContinue reading “3 questions to ask before disciplining your child”

Love Pills vs. Real Love

Being a first-time mom has brought a lot of happiness and optimism in my life. However, no matter how much we try to be perfect, the world is struggling to be. Amid the many great things God has made, He also warns us of the evil lurking around such as “love pills” or ecstasy. From here,Continue reading “Love Pills vs. Real Love”

Familiarity breeds contempt

I’ve been hearing a lot about this cliche growing up, “Familiarity breeds contempt”, but I only get to understand it now as an adult. It’s such a touchy topic, which is a bit hurtful for some people because it speaks the awful truth about how anyone begins to belittle (look down on/lose respect for)  otherContinue reading “Familiarity breeds contempt”