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Love Pills vs. Real Love

Being a first-time mom has brought a lot of happiness and optimism in my life. However, no matter how much we try to be perfect, the world is struggling to be. Amid the many great things God has made, He also warns us of the evil lurking around such as “love pills” or ecstasy. From here, we get to challenge ourselves to overcome these lies and fill our children with our real love instead. Our collective goal is to try our very best for them not to be influenced by any negative substance that could stall their way to a fruitful and healthy life.

Just recently, headlines on the death of five young people who attended a supposedly harmless mall party in Pasay City shocked Filipinos all over the country especially after learning that the cause of such is the consumption of small candy-looking substances, mistakenly dubbed as the “love pill” but popularly called Ecstacy. It is marketed to heighten one’s sensations during parties and sex.

In the said report, these five individuals, who by the way did not know one another and attended the event separately, had similar autopsy results on organ failures as having caused their premature passing.

All tested positive for substances from this pill.


This isn’t the first time that this drug made it to the news. In February of this same year, an employee of a popular hotel and casino died after taking the “love pill” in a room party. She was reportedly enjoying herself at one point and couldn’t breathe the next.

Mid of last year, news articles reported the discovery of a new drug dubbed as the “date rape” drug, which is, in fact, a liquid form of Ecstacy that can easily be mixed with the drinks of unsuspecting party goers before sexual assault.


As a young mom who did not grow up touching nor ever seeing any real drug (because I’m cooler than you), it would be easy to dismiss these stories as something out of the ordinary.

But with the rise of these incidents, I no longer know what the future might hold for our kids. But I can only plan and rehearse now what I can tell my child in the future so he’d be ready to fight back or say no.

So as first-time moms, how could we prepare our children to say NO TO DRUGS?

  1. Create a loving and open relationshipblog2

Allowing our sons and daughters to tell us anything under the sun will be a great way for us to know what goes on in their minds or, what was offered at a party. We could do this by controlling our temper whenever they speak to us of things that don’t fit our idea of a “good job”. Instead of getting angry, let’s try our best to explain what is wrong with what they did.

For instance, our kids breaking the laptop at home isn’t really a “good job”. But it won’t do them any good if we try to scold them for it. Maybe we could discuss it calmly or keep them away from gadgets in the meantime as they do not fully understand how to use them yet.

2. Make friends with their friends’ parents. 


Having an open communication with our kids’ parents allow us to have an “eye” on our kids all the time (though I’m pretty sure they’d hate it when they’re grown).

Who knows when our connections would come in handy? At least we could also discuss with other parents our unified goal of keeping our kids away from harm.

3. When they’re already teens, we need to impose a curfew.

I don’t know about my future self, but right now, during a party, I’d prefer that my kids follow a 10:00 PM curfew. Having an earlier curfew cuts the time for any chance to be offered drugs.

4. Rehearse what our kids should say in case they find themselves in awkward situations

I read on a blog that if we rehearse the exact words our children should say in sensitive situations, the more likely they are able to remember it should they actually encounter them. It’s like pre-empting a story.


For example: A “friend” goes up to him and says “try this” you could rehearse the possible speech he could say such as “I have allergies to certain food, I am not allowed until I take it to my doctor and ask permission”.

May sound awkward but when spoken in the vernacular: “Pre, sensya na allergic ako baka kung ano masuka ko diyahe pa sa inyo. Next time nalang”.

Would he be taking it next time? Probably not. But will he be able to escape the current offer? Yes.

5. Lastly, instill with all conviction that drugs are NOT cool


There’s nothing wrong with instilling this principle to our kids. Show them before and after photos of people who do drugs. Show them the grades that they must keep in order to keep seeing their friends. Whatever it takes to make them realize that drugs are not for them. It’s even better if we enroll them in many classes such as guitar lessons or taekwondo so they have other things to keep busy with.

It’s even better if we enroll them in many classes such as guitar lessons or taekwondo so they have other things to keep busy with.

Bottomline is, we should first streamline the environment of our kids. Do they have good friends who don’t do drugs? Are they in a school that has strict policy against drugs? Do they tell you where they are all the time? Are we constantly reminding them of our rules and their roles?

Here’s to hoping our kids grow up to be happy, healthy and bright; and that they steer clear from drugs and other bad news!

If you have other suggestions on how to keep our children away from drugs, please feel free to comment below!

Be happy!

All photos sourced from the internet via google search