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Book react: The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting

Staying true to my new year’s resolution of reading one book per month, and after finishing the hilarious “Rich People Problems” the first month, I reached for The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle by Hugh Lofting, which I’ve had stuck in the closet for three years. But what’s more surprising though is that the world has had this book for about 100 years!!!!!! First launched in the 1920s! That perhaps explains why the name Dolittle is very familiar. But sadly this was the first time I got to read a book from its series.


For those planning to read it, I am warning you of spoilers ahead.

The book follows the story of Dr Dolittle – the famous naturalist who can speak to animals, narrated through the eyes of 12-year old boy Tommy Stubbins. The first wow moment in the film was when Stubbins first set foot in the doctor’s house, which was filled with all sorts of animals – from birds, dogs, squirrels, mice, pigs, monkeys to a lot more. We see here a duck being able to carry a lamp and other animals able to cook. In my mind, it was as mysterious and fascinating as the scenes in our favourite Harry Potter movies.

Aside from the book being easy to read (where chapters are merely continuations of a scene), it’s also light to the heart. I am amazed at all the characteristics of the doctor.

Always smiling amid adversity, empathetic even at his own inconvenience (attending to the sick right in the middle of supper), happy even when there’s nothing left (Read the chapter where their boat got destroyed by the storm), good with words and conversation, strong, mean and fights when he has to, knows how to read people and is firm with what he wants (ex: choosing his travel mates), persistent, always curious, can still work in his best self and intention despite not wanting what he was made to do (like being king).

If anything, this book is not about a man who can talk to animals. Dr. Dolittle teaches us how to be and what to do when out on a voyage. It’s about how we should choose to go about our lives and reach our goals in general.

We need to be the calm, intelligent, and the resourceful person that he is. We need people, and animals too, who are willing to go out with us on a voyage; people of various backgrounds and intelligence who will trust us and be of help to us.

This story doesn’t promise us a smooth sailing journey – but it does tell us that with the right amount of attitude, skill, and friends, we will get to our destination, no matter how long or how hard it takes.


Some people can’t handle chill

While Social Media use is widespread today, only very few people know how it truly works.


Zach, when you read this, know that not everything posted on social media is everything the person who posted them is. These are snippets of his break time amid the horrifying realities he faces daily – especially on Instagram where people are forced to curate for life.

If users are not into it, then they shouldn’t be on it. Uncomplicate things. Acknowledge that people go to the beach on weekends after they’ve worked their asses off all week.

There’s a time for everything.

Read between the lines. Social media savvy people know when and what to post, and you should be wary of that. Know the person for who he/she is before any virtual judgments, my love.

Don’t be someone who can’t handle others’ chill.

The 2017 Bb. Pilipinas Finalists Visit Manhattan Garden City

Metro Manila, Philippines – Two weeks post-coronation night, the 2017 Binibining Pilipinas finalists are making the rounds among their media networks and sponsors, including Megaworld Central Properties, Inc.’s (MCPI) Manhattan Garden City, an equally stunning 18-tower residential development at the Araneta Center.


Bb. Pilipinas Universe Rachel Peters, Ms. International Mariel de Leon, Ms. Intercontinental Katarina Rodriguez, Ms. Globe Nelda Ibe, Ms. Grand International Elizabeth Clenci, and Ms. Supranational Chanel Thomas, together with MCPI and Empire East President-CEO Atty. Anthony Charlemagne Yu enjoyed a simple but truly satisfying lunch at the penthouse suite of Manhattan Parkview – one of the first towers to be built along General Romulo Ave.


This high-rise development didn’t seem to disappoint, aside from superb dining and entertainment facilities, it also opens up to a breathtaking view of the Quezon City skyline up to the cool hills of Antipolo’s.


“I can wake up to this view every day!” says Chanel Thomas. Manhattan Garden City also boasts a huge centralized lobby called “The Link”, which seeks to exclusively connect homeowners to vital points of interest within the Araneta Center, such as Gateway Mall.


It wasn’t the first time that these ladies visited this New York-inspired home, as they once strutted underneath its beautiful trellises and recreational amenities along with the 40 other contestants of Bb. Pilipinas. This time, however, they felt even more special and welcomed as the already crowned representatives of the Philippines for prestigious international competitions.


MCPI through Manhattan Garden City has been sponsoring the Bb. Pilipinas pageant for years now. The company believes that people who shape their dreams at an early age, deeming themselves as capable of succeeding in their goals, are what it truly means to be young.


Manhattan Garden City is down to its final phases, Manhattan Heights and Manhattan Plaza. Should you wish to schedule a visit, you may contact 810-3333 or email You may also follow its social media accounts on Twitter @MGCity, Facebook @ManhattanGardenCityOfficial, and Instagram @manhattangardencity.