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Product Review: Ease up on the long commute through this amazing footwear

Commuters rejoice! After an impressive 11 years experience on the road from home to work and vice versa, which is uniquely about 2 hours to and fro, I have finally found a way to ease up on the long commute. That is by none other than having my own pair of comfortable footwear: Grendha Capri Sandals!


For years, I have struggled in my commute not only because of the malfunctioning transportation system sometimes, but mostly because I abhor walking in every piece of shoe I owned in the past. Add that I hate coming to work in flip flops because that’s just plain dirty to look at when paired with snappy office clothing. It’s just not working.

So I tend to choose to commute in heels just to complement the buttoned down dresses and blazers I wear to work. Although there is an array of comfortable heels to choose from, most come in ridiculously expensive price tags in my book. The previous pairs I’ve worn just won’t respond well to my every move as well.

Until I found Grendha Capri Sandals at a local shoe store.



The Grendha Capri Sandals, with its woven design with ankle strap and metal buckle, isn’t as stunning as other shoes at first sight. I did not choose it because of its beauty. My initial reaction was that its design was the perfect solution to my problems with my previous gel-type shoes.

Also, unless you want to come in wearing slippers or running shoes, you’d choose this product due to its comfortableness above any other reason. I’ve tried other products in its line and although they promise the same comfortableness and water-resistance, the design was too closed that it maintains poor air ventilation, yielding to sweaty and smelly feet for some users. But the intelligent design of this Capri Sandals, which gives enough window for air ventilation is ideal for feet on the go – without the threat of them smelling bad.


The material used in this product is similar to a combination of the gel type and the sturdy and durable PVC materials used for slippers like havaianas or ipanema. Its ankle strap is also a great solution to very loose sandal sizes or to preventing one’s foot from slipping out when walking. Users wouldn’t have to worry about losing their shoe when they get on a jeepney, where everyone’s struggling to board in an ordinary rush hour.


When I first wore my shoe, it was amazingly comfortable right away. Unlike other shoes where you have this unwritten rule that you have to “break” first before you finally walk comfortably in them, the Grendha Capri Sandals gives every new user a smooth experience. It is not heavy. I didn’t have any problems with the strap and although I chose a looser size, it’s not a problem because the ankle strap helps me keep them on.


The sandals come in a variety of colors such as light blue, teal, maroon, beige, pink and black. I personally prefer the beige and black colors so they can fit well with a corporate get up. Users wouldn’t feel ashamed of coming to work on it because it looks good to the eyes (it’s not an eyesore) for people wearing the corporate look. (Compared with inappropriate, open toed shoes or slippers.



I’ve been wearing my beige pair for about a month now, and although it has accumulated dirt in the sole, its appearance is still clean. Washing it wouldn’t be a problem either as its semi-plastic/durable material is easy to soap, brush and air dry unlike cotton ones.


The Grendha Capri Sandals is perfect for young, working women who want to exude a fashionable get up even while on the road/in public transportation. Its design, durability and mix-match ability will truly allow everyone to to ease up on the long commute.

(images from zalora)

NOTE: I am not paid for this article.

How to nail your diet like a pro

How to nail your diet like a pro

1. Set an event goal.

Nothing can help remind you of your diet better than that dress you plan to wear to an upcoming event. Be it a wedding, a Christmas party, a meet-the-parents or a hundredth date night. As for me, I grew tired of complaining about how awkward I feel each time I’m on a dress. Until I’ve been invited to a formal party. I then aimed to at least loose a few pounds so I can fit in a regular sized dress without the discomfort. The idea of having to meet new people and dressing myself up helped me big time in setting up my mind that in a span of a week (for others, a month or more) I must fit (and look good) in that dress.

download (9)

2. Decide whether you are really on diet or not

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This is for consistency and strength in refusing bad calories. Sometimes, it’s easy to tell yourself (and everyone) that you are on diet. But when party time comes, you tend to lose yourself more than you lose the pounds (haha). A true person who is decided to lose weight knows that his diet must mean having to consistently cut down on the bad ingredients in meals like carbs, sodium and sugar – every day, until he reaches his goal. So “cheating” on diets won’t really help you at all. When you are not fully decided that you are on diet, you tend to think that eating that piece of chocolate or having that bag of chips would be ok. But in reality, these seemingly small decisions would hurt your weight loss process. Some people are surprised that they didn’t lose much weight after their target duration, despite feeling hungry or deprived all the time. They failed to consider that they haven’t been consistent in their goal of eliminating the bad stuff. Cheating on diets slow down weight loss.

3. Cook your own meals

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Nothing can help you stay committed to your diet (especially when you have come as far as the middle of your targeted duration) more that cooking your own meals. The idea is simple. I am a working person so I have to get to my office by 8:30 in the morning. But I know that some of the food that is readily bought around the office contains heaps of sugar and oil. So I commit myself to going to the grocery to pick my own choice of vegetables and ingredients – all for a variety of good reasons. First, I get to measure how much oil (about a tbsp. of olive oil for me) I get to put into my food. This also goes for the salt, pepper and other spices. Next, I tend to wake up as early as 4:00 AM to prepare my own meals for the day. By doing this, I feel committed to my diet not just mentally but physically as well. The saying “fake it till you make it” also applies. Even in some days you feel like giving up on the diet, setting your alarm to as early as 4:00 AM reminds you of how far you have come to reach your goal. It would be difficult to simply give up on the goal because you are reminded of the many sacrifices like doing grocery and cooking meals. You’d strongly feel that if you give up now, you only wasted your effort and time early on. Dieting is a mental and physical exercise. You have to commit to it mentally and physically. Only when you are truly decided that you are on diet can you strongly say no to bad calories – even when people around tempt you to take just one bite.

4. Drink lots of water

young teenager drinking water after exercise.

I tried a diet that involved only eating fruits and vegetables in some days. Because of the lack of protein, I was forced to drink 4 liters of water per day. Something I don’t normally do in days I don’t diet. But the good thing about this is that it truly helped me feel much fuller. Drinking water helped me feel hydrated and strong – enough to help me get through the plant-based diet. Water also helps give you the strength in continuing the diet. It also helps digest your food faster so you don’t get bloated.

5. Share your progress to at least one friend who understands

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The diet I was on was a unique one because it was meant for only 7 days. Its promise, like most fad diets, was to lose as much as 10 lbs. in that short time. It is very strict because it asks you to eat only specific food choices per day. No one else understood it except one person from the office who tried it herself. And every day, each time I had questions or I felt like giving up, I would seek her advice and motivation. Until the day I finally lost 10lbs. no one else understood my happiness better than her.

6. Don’t go hungry


Each time you feel hungry and deprived during diets, you are not doing the right thing. Some say that hunger only makes your body hold on tighter to fats. Whether it’s true or not, dieting must always make you feel better about yourself. Hunger only makes you feel angry towards others. The idea is to simply eat healthier food alternatives each time you feel like you’re about to go hungry. Instead of allowing your tummy to complain, pre-empt the hunger by filling yourself up with your home cooked vegetable soup and/or fruits! Yum!

7. Relax and enjoy that dress


Go shopping. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and flaunt the fitter, 10lbs. lighter you. ☺

P.S. Exercise like jogging or going to the gym will help boost your diet. However, it would still depend on what diet you have. If you are on a plan-based diet you might feel weaker and dizzy so exercise may be postponed.

Remember, if being fit and wearing pretty clothes make you more confident and happy, then go for it.

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The most affordable real estate development for startup families in the Philippines

I’ve been married for more than a year and this milestone has kept me thinking about the most affordable real estate development for startup families in the Philippines. Because now that I have a family of my own to consider, I feel that I can no longer rely on home-sharing with my parents and siblings because we already have separate issues to handle.

Little did I know that searching for a home is as tough as life itself. There are several things to consider, which includes proximity to our offices and schools as well as safety for our kids. But personally, the first problem I encountered was choosing whether to purchase a house and lot in the outskirts of Rizal or a condominium unit within Metro Manila. Location truly takes a huge chunk in the decision process.

While I haven’t bought one yet, I have already started listing the qualities I love to have in my new home. First, my address shouldn’t burden me from my commute to work. I am a young working mom and I love coming to work because it fuels my passion in my field of expertise – and it helps me support the needs of my family. Second, the home that I’d choose must be within a safe and secure vicinity with equally safe facilities. Third, this new home must provide us value for our money. My husband and I work day in and out to earn cash for savings and investment. We give importance to every minute we spend earning these bucks. So we are determined to do ample research on where to spend and invest them.

In the short time I did my research on the most affordable real estate development for startup families in the Philippines, I have learned that most condominiums in Metro Manila offer very flexible terms of payment. One of them is Empire East. I have been hearing a lot about this company even before I got married because of all the billboards they have scattered along EDSA. Until finally I decided to walk into one of their developments, Pioneer Woodlands in Mandaluyong City, to inquire. I have learned that in 5 years, I can pay for my home through a 20 – 80 – 20 payment scheme, which allows me to provide 20% down payment while I pay 80% in equal payments for how many months, until I move into my unit 5 years from now to pay the balance of another 20%. Aside from the address being in an advantageous location right at the midpoint of EDSA where all schools and business districts are easily within reach, and their secure gated community with 24/7 security and CCTVs, I fell in love with this kind of payment scheme. It allows me to strategically partition my earnings as we wait for our move in date in 5 years.

I truly commend this company because I felt that they are indeed able to understand the sentiments of working moms and startup families like me. Indeed, I feel #blessed to have encountered one of the most affordable real estate development for startup families such as ours. What’s best is for as low as 15,000 pesos I was able to reserve the corner unit I preferred! It’s indeed a lovely day!

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