Questions every wife should ask her husband

Take it from our married chinita Heart Evangelista who asked these questions straight to her husband Chiz Escudero in the now-viral Q&A vlog.

So last night, my husband readily answered these questions with short but honest responses. I was surprised that despite him being busy in the middle of killing a boss in one of his games (haha), he was still able to entertain me.

Being that there was not enough time to really think deeply about his answers, most of these are “top-of-mind” responses.

Questions to husband3

So I asked permission if I could blog about his answers and he agreed. Albeit short, to me, all responses are meaningful.

1. Me: How do you balance passion and practical income making?
Husband: You have to manage your time; use it properly.

Questions to husband9a

2. What is the wisest investment for fresh graduates?
They should learn their craft to make their resume as impressive as possible. If you have a good craft and a good familiarity with your skills, you have a higher chance of landing that job.

Questions to husband7

3. How do you become independent from your parents?
You have to trust yourself and save up. Hehe.

Questions to husband4

4. How do you court someone?
It’s about making the person you like feel special. If you treat her well and be yourself (sic), you can make that person love you also.

Questions to husband2

5. Does a man need to pay 50-50 on a date?
It depends. If it’s a special date, you have to pay for all. But if it’s casual meals and your girl insists on spending, it’s all right.

Questions to husband9b

6. What is a wise amount to spend on a date?
If you’re looking for a figure, I think 1,500 to 2,000 is enough. But for me it’s not about the worth, it’s all about having fun with your partner.

Questions to husband6

7. How do you recover from a breakup?
You have to be busy as much as you can. Because if you’re idle, it’s certain that you will think of the person you’re forgetting.

Questions to husband

8. What are your life lessons about your past love and breakups?
Love yourself also. You will know the worth even of the person you are loving, and it will make you a better person.

9. What is the toughest lesson you learned in the real world?
You have to shrug off the criticisms and negativities from your surrounding so that you will have a better armor against unclassy people on earth.

Questions to husband5

10. How do you deal with anxiety, pressure and depression?
It’s my weakness. If I have emotional stress or something makes me anxious, I go to my nearest comfort person – my wife.

Questions to husband9

11. What’s your purpose in life?
To make my family happy. And make my wife happy.

Questions to husband8


Try asking these questions with your partner! You might be surprised. 🙂

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