This ‘Kilay’ Conversation Became Today’s Devotion with Husband

While stuck in traffic at the passenger’s seat, I struggled to fill in my eyebrows. For wives who don’t drive, traffic is a friend when it comes to hurried makeup.


My husband then asked, “Paano kung makarating ka na sa pupuntahan mo nang hindi pa tapos yung kilay mo. Ano gagawin mo?”

Then I told him, I have a great sense of time estimation. If I know I won’t finish both brows; I won’t start it. In other words, I’m always confident that I’d be able to complete both eyebrows during our morning drive to the MRT. All because I HAVE TO – and it’s my ‘priority of the moment.’

Simply put, I’ll do all it takes to get off that car with groomed brows.


I believe it’s for the simple reason that KILAY IS LIFE. For women who know the difference between a groomed kilay and a messy kilay, they wouldn’t wish upon themselves to be seen without it – for all sorts of social reasons. In short, “over my sexy bodieee” :))


But on a deeper level, that’s how we all are when it comes to things we value the most. If we are a “Work is Life” kind of person, we’d always make conscious, calculated decisions at work. If our priority is “Family is Life” then we’d spend our days thinking about how to improve on our role as a family man or woman and make necessary decisions for the betterment of the family.

We will NOT allow ourselves to leave tasks unfinished. To be seen as someone who can’t or will allow half-hearted work – despite time pressure or threats.

Should we forget and fall, then we can humbly accept to be seen kilay-less or.. in our most vulnerable state, only then can we allow God’s helping hands to lift us up and take us back on track.

And no, it’s not just about the kilay.

Matthew 6:21

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

It means, where we spend our time and money in is where our attention and pure heart is dedicated.

Let’s check ourselves:

Friends, apart from whether our eyebrows’ on fleek or not today, is our heart thinking about the things that matter the most? What is our life’s priority? Are we spending enough on it? how dedicated are we into getting things done?


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