Word Vs. Work

How many times have we wished for something to happen? “I wish I could lose a few pounds”, “I wish I could have a house of my own”, “I wish for a husband/wife”, “I wish I could change myself but I can’t. I was born this way.”

The truth is, humans by nature wish for the good, if not the best, for their lives. Nobody would wish misfortune upon himself. But the question is,

have we done something about it as much as we’ve prayed for it?

Have we intentionally done something to achieve all our prayers?

That’s when the word “intentional” comes in. But lo, recently, I’ve come to love this not just as a word but as its meaning – “work” that is “done on purpose; deliberate.”


A few months ago, I watched a “top show” by Pastor Joe Mauk, who cleverly used his hobby as a well.. top-spinner, to talk about Jesus Christ.


And apart from the many messages embedded in his show, one struck me the most. He says, the top symbolizes us, as humans – fearfully and wonderfully made, while the string symbolizes our connection with God – who in turn, pulls the string and moves our lives. The main verb here is move. Because although we were created fearlessly and beautifully, it won’t make sense if we stand there, watching, moreso believing but doing nothing.


If anything, I have realized that our purpose on earth is not to be served. But to serve. Suddenly, it dawned on me – we are not the entitled millennial we thought we were. We’re not the sheltered people who always have other people look after us. We are not meant to stay in our air-conditioned room watching Netflix or wasting away our days. Instead, we are commanded to serve for the glory of our Creator. 

I’ve realized, that it won’t devalue us if we wash the dishes or sacrifice our “me time” for the people that God entrusted to us to serve. And open your eyes – there are a lot of people who need our love and service. It could start from our homes.


But hear this, faith comes first before action. For how can we define the things that need to be done without our guide? Without the string that connects us to God, how can we move? Who will pull us?

Faith without action is a lost cause. Some people judge Christians for being hypocrites, and we can’t blame them. Some Christians are only about “real talk” but lack “real walk.” You know what I’m saying?


Let me be honest, a few weeks ago, I didn’t feel empathy toward others. I had this high sense of self that I feel disconnected from the people around me. Though I am aware of their sufferings – I’d be passive and think there’s nothing I could do. I only cared about myself and the people close to me.

Until God broke me and revealed to me that we need other people as much as they need us. We don’t exist for ourselves alone because we are human. We are meant to ask help in times of our weakness and to offer help in times of our strength.

In the past months, I have donated blood for the first time, held my tongue amid anger and frustration, forgave people while still in pain, held my ground on a God-driven decision that offended a loved one, overlooked minor problems, and was the first to reach out to someone who caused me confusion.

I know that all these are nothing to what others may have experienced in their lifetime but to think that I would never have done these things before speaks a lot about how much I am willing to change myself. To sacrifice my own selfish happiness for the commandment that God has tasked for me.

Some Christians fail to act according to what they hear in Church, despite knowing that they are poor in spirit and despite accepting Christ in their lives. Let’s strive to be unlike that. Let’s turn our words into God’s works, shall we?


And hopefully, through our intentional actions, our hearts transform. And instead of wishing only the good things for ourselves, we wish for the best upon others.

Let our prayers then be “I wish my family would be healthy”, “I wish we could have a house filled with love and peace”, “I wish to become the ideal husband/wife”, “I wish I could change the bad things in myself so that I can be a blessing and not a burden to others.”

Talk to me a few months back, and I won’t be able to define what love is. I was confused. Now I learn that love is thinking less about ourselves and more about others – even if it means at our inconvenience. Loving is serving – and it isn’t easy. After all, it requires us to break a sweat and move.

But trust in God’s promise – that if we delight ourselves in Him, He will bless us with all our heart’s desires.

I am thankful that God slowly reveals things to me every day. I know dear reader that this entry may be a bit vague. But I tell you, God will continuously reveal His work in Your life.

Trust His timing. Everything will be perfect.


Ask yourself, how can I be intentional for all my goals?

How can I intentionally finish my “to-do” list at work?

How can I intentionally achieve my goals for my family?

How can I intentionally help someone who is hurting?

♥ Jazz

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tiaan Gerber says:

    Beautiful message! Couldn’t agree more

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Simplish Mee says:

    Thank you for sharing. Just in time. I was thinking of what to wish on my Birthday on Oct 23. And God lead me to your page… And so my wish is “I wish my family would be healthy”, “I wish we could have a house filled with love and peace”, “I wish to become the ideal husband/wife”, “I wish I could change the bad things in myself so that I can be a blessing and not a burden to others.”

    Thank you once again Jazzy…


    1. JazzyHappy says:

      This is so great to hear! Happy birthday!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Simplish Mee says:

        Thank you so much… Sorry its a late reply… But I appreciate it.. Cheers 🙂 Happy Holidays!


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