What happened when we went to church

Last Sunday, my husband and I went to a Christian ministry church nearby. It has been a long time since I initiated hearing the word of God and though it was our first time to attend this church and we didn’t know anyone, the message by the preacher was so relatable it kicked a few strings in my heart.

The number one takeaway I remember from the message was:

We have the responsibility to make better generations beyond ours and that includes passing on our faith in Jesus Christ.

As it is, this sentence sounds so unrelatable. I mean, I do have a son. But right now, I admit that I only think about getting him to school. Not much about “instilling the faith” in him.

But as the preacher went ahead from point one to the end, I realized, our role this generation is so huge – it will determine how the next world will become. The world where my son will walk in. Do we want to have a broken world by then?

In the age of mobile technology, ipads, games, and other digital paraphernalia, this new generation could be the most problemsome generation. It takes away physical presence (personal experiences) in exchange for “virtual realities” and “quick answers.” Technology robs them from seeking out the real truths in real life.

How can we step in? Reach out? Intervene?

  1. We must start from home and fix our own brokenness.

Self-check is key. Who is the Lord in your home? If it’s gadgets, TV, vices – it speaks loudly that we do not honor family time. If we spend more time working, how can we sit down with our kids to evaluate their day? To right their wrongs and reinforce their good decisions?


How can we say we want the best for the nextgen when we ourselves have broken values, trust, confidence, families, and broken hearts? Are these the same problems we want to pass onto our children?

Kids imitate the actions, decisions, and emotions of their parents. If they see that their parents strive to turn away from temptations, evil, anger, and frustrations, they become more resilient and wiser when dealing with life in the future.

The good news is, no matter how broken you are at the moment, you can turn your life around from inside out. By relying on Christ, you can be clean and be made whole as He promises.

How did Oprah get out from being an abused child to being the most successful female influencer in the world? How can ex-convicts, drug addicts, etc. turn their lives around? If the answer cannot be held physically in this world nor googled, then maybe the answer is spiritual.

2. Talk about God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind. Talk about Him with your kids / the youth every day. Talk about God during your travels, when you work, in everything you do.

Sounds irritating right? But this message isn’t actually for you to bombard others with your legalistic talk about scriptures and religion. It’s about knowing God’s word BY HEART. It means, if you are a student, effect God’s work in your school by doing good, studying, and not cutting classes. Because IN YOUR HEART, that is God’s way for you to succeed.

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If you are an office worker, how can you bring Jesus Christ into your work? First, be diligent. God rewards diligent hands. He doesn’t want people to come to work, spend all their time and energy playing games or sleeping. Secondly, relate to other people with pure intentions. Treat everyone as friends in Christ and know your limitations. Be faithful to your work, to your family and to God always.

If you are a boss, how can you speak God’s words into what you do? Be strict, inspire, forgive, and do what you preach. Be the example your subordinates will learn from.

THIS PASSAGE ALSO SPEAKS ABOUT OUR MINDS. Guard not only your heart but also your mind. Don’t allow your mind to think about wrong things. Be more vigilant whenever seeds of destruction are being planted between your relationships. Your thoughts determine your actions.

3. It’s better to live a miserable life following Christ than live a happy life with no regard for right or wrong.

It’s difficult to hear. More difficult to live. The road to goodness is not always easy. Especially when worldly deeds are so tempting to take a bite from. I don’t want to be a hypocrite preaching in this blog that I won’t say yes to temptations etc.

We are being tempted every day of our lives.

But remember, that is only because evil also lurks in the same path we are passing through. Our goal as normal people leading in faith is to be warier. Be wiser when dealing with temptations.

The devil has set up landmines all over our lives. Name it, it’s there – infidelity, depression, suicide, drugs, anger, irritability, possessiveness, selfishness. These are all traps that keep us from leading a faithful life.

How do we know when we are stepping into a landmine we cannot see from the naked eye? Let’s train ourselves using God’s wisdom and we will find answers to every problem and confusion thrown our way.

For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.

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  1. Sadah says:

    Nice piece.


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