5 Wonders of the Wunder app for Working Moms

At the height between the LTFRB and Grab/Uber clash on whether or not we should regulate these ride-sharing apps entirely, I just want to share my experience on the wonders I’ve had using another form of ridesharing app “Wunder”.


Compared with Uber and Grab, the Wunder app focuses solely on carpooling with people within your area towards a common destination. The drivers you find here are common working men and women like you and me, who wish to earn tiny bucks by offering space in their own vehicles to compensate for gas.

When finally, I had the guts to try it, I realized that it is another effective, maybe better option that commuting moms could take over rush-hour metro rail transit or buses.

So here are the 5 wonders I’ve experienced from using Wunder:

1. We get to escape the horrifying lines at the MRT

In the many years I’ve treaded the metro, if I were given any other better option than taking a jam-packed train system on the way home, I’d take it. Not only does a suffocating train suck out the remaining energy you have at the end of the day, but it also won’t guarantee an earlier arrival time – especially during times of technical glitches. Lose-lose.

2. We get to leave at an agreed convenient time


In your Wunder app, you get to input the time you prefer to leave home or the office. The app then sends a quick notification to all available drivers who prefer to leave at the same time you want – so it’s a win-win!

3. We get to arrive at our destination at a reasonable pace and price

Makati to Quezon City is charged for only Php 80. This price is nowhere near your Uber pool or grab pool’s offers – especially during surge hours where the prices get doubled! If you can spare an extra cash just to arrive conveniently to a destination 10 – 20km away, then go for it. And while we still consider the MRT as the fastest form of metro transportation, as it can still cut across EDSA in half an hour, carpooling doesn’t fall far behind in terms of pace. In about 1 – 1.5 hours max, you are guaranteed a safe(r), fast(er) and more convenient transportation option. (Traffic still exists!)

4. We get to be picked up at an agreed, convenient location

In my experience, I no longer need to walk to the jeepney stop (which is several blocks away from work). I simply ask the driver to pick me up at the nearest corner possible and voila! Within mins., I get to board the car.

5. We get to make new friends

Because you meet people from the same area as you live and work, and because you are all squeezed within the confines of a small car, you may be forced to chat with one another until you reach your destination!

But not all the time.

I mean, some people would still prefer to sleep on the way home. But for those who are extra chatty, Wunder may be a great avenue for you to meet new friends along the way.

When issues around the ride-sharing app world finally settle, try downloading the Wunder App to try it out for yourself!

3 thoughts on “5 Wonders of the Wunder app for Working Moms”

  1. Hi Jazz, I’d love to feature this article on the official Wunder blog as a guest post. Write to me whenever you have the time 🙂


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