5 reasons why La Union is the best beach in the Philippines for me

To succeed in my claim that La Union is the best beach in the Philippines, I might have to recall how many beaches I have been to in my life.

Which surprisingly, is not a lot. HAHA, but enough to make this conclusion.

Because while most of these other beaches truly have fine white sand, pristine waters, and an amazing view, I choose Urbiztondo, La Union as the best among the rest because of these five unique features rolled into one venue.

5. Easier and more accessible location

La Union is just 5-hours away from Manila. And because of the NLEX-SCTEX-TPLEX way, vacationers get to enjoy a smoother, faster and relatively easier drive to the place – with lots of stopover options.

Sunrise from SCTEX

For a family of three, a toddler in tow, being able to get to the location without the hassle that comes with airports and bus ports is much more appreciated if it means simply hopping on and off the car.

Less process, less stress.

4. Has a roster of great accommodation options

La Union provides a list of hotels, B&Bs and homestay inns that range from cheap to expensive. Since we were celebrating a special occasion, we opted for Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa, which earned 4 stars from popular review sites.

Because of a picky toddler, we had to consider a room that has all the basic amenities such as a bed, bath, warm water, air-conditioning, a TV set and Wi-Fi for the millennial parents. 

Preferably a place with its own swimming pool in case the toddler doesn’t like the beach (but it’s a good thing that he LOVED the beach)! 

Booking our stay here has made the experience easier for us because we simply get to transport ourselves to the beach, the pool, the bar and back into our rooms as fast and as convenient as possible.

Again, it’s all about ease and accessibility.

This hotel had me at “free coffee”. Then at its delicious food.

Everything else is awesome so I can forgive the front desk staff for the bad she has done. Lol. Shh.

3. Fine sand

The sand in La Union’s beach is not white, instead, ranges from gray to brown to black. But I didn’t mind.

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

Gone is the perception that white sand beaches are “better” or more lucrative because La Union’s pebble-free shore is definitely much better for me. 

It makes frolicking by the beach easier and more enjoyable. Thus, kids can run around (supervised of course) without the fear of stepping on something sharp.

For surfers and swimmers who only want to enjoy the waters, it’s also a much-appreciated feature because we get to enjoy toppling over the water knowing that the offshore bed will not be filled with unwanted rocks.

This may be a minor detail for some beach goers, but it’s a huge thing for me! 🙂

2. Offers the most picturesque sunset view!

I am a sucker for sunsets because aside from being a beautiful sight to consume, it also causes nostalgia that may boost one’s mood.

Yet, if you’ve read my birthday blog one year ago, you would know that in the several times I’ve gone to the beach, not once have I caught the sun set.

It was only last year, during my birthday beach weekend in Lian, Batangas that I was able to get a glimpse of the last hours of the golden sun. But even then, the sea was obstructed with floating balsa, which destroyed the view.

This time however, I did not just get to catch its tail end but I got to bask, and surf underneath its amazing hue and glory.

The feeling is truly overwhelming. Imagine being able to satisfy your craving for “adventure”, right under the best view, splashed right smack the middle of my face by the salty sea and hearing myself laugh my heart out at the surfing mistakes I’ve been making is one experience I would cherish and keep craving for until I come back the next time.

If you are aiming for a sunset view, you can never go wrong with La Union.

1. Big yet safe waves ideal for surfing

La Union won’t be dubbed as the Surfing Capital of the North if it weren’t for its active and giant waves that every surfer craves for.

It was my first time to ever touch and ride a surfboard, get pushed by the waves, tumble into the water and surf (or in this case, just fall off my pink longboard) until sundown!

This particular experience is what truly boosted La Union to the top of my favorite beaches.

I have been to a “beach” where I didn’t even feel one gush of wind nor wave. I was beginning to think it was manmade.

The waters lay still, and though the serenity was beautiful, it became boring too.

I mean what is a beach without waves? For me, it would be abnormal not to have waves splashing onto the shore.

It’s a good thing my husband suggested that I try surfing. I wasn’t even prepared because I could have worn a much better outfit.

For just Php 400 I was already able to avail myself of a one-on-one beginners’ surfing lesson.

I truly felt stoked afterwards! But I won’t pretend that I have already learned how to surf.

But feeling the waves splash into my face as I try to maneuver my longboard towards a golden sunset is enough experience for me.

It’s the same feeling I’ve had when I went canyoneering for the first time. Call it adrenaline, hype or adventure – it’s definitely something addictive especially to an outdoor girl like me.

I even told my husband that it’s a good thing I did not learn surfing when I was younger or else he’ll know me as a surfer girl and would have to drive miles to La Union for us to meet.

But come to think of it, that wouldn’t be such a bad story. 😀


So overall, I choose La Union for its accessibility, convenience and a healthy combination of chill and thrill.

I truly enjoyed every minute that we were there. Right after the beach, we hit the pool till sundown and enjoyed great food, cold drinks and the company of one another.

I especially liked how much my husband and son enjoyed themselves as well.

Zach was terrified of the waves at first until he got the hang of it and almost didn’t want to leave.

Overall, just being with my family and seeing them have as much great time is something to be thankful for already.

*** I compared LU with the beaches I’ve visited in the past specifically in El Nido, Boracay, Pagudpud, Zambales, Samar, Quezon, Pangasinan, Caramoan, Batangas, Bacolod, Dumaguete, Davao, Iloilo, Bantayan and Bohol. Some beaches may have fine sand and great waves but no sunset view. Some may have sunset views but rocky shore. Some beaches have great waves, smooth shore, awesome view of sunset but has no electricity and requires hours of travel time by boat. LU is the only one that has all the conveniences and combos we needed. 

Where are you off to this summer?

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