How to talk yourself into exercising every day

Disclaimer: This is a shoe review. And I did not get paid for this. 

Exercising is perhaps everybody’s frienemy (or that’s just me?).

I’d bet, given that keeping our minds and bodies healthy is guaranteed, none of us would even consider a fraction of our time be spent in sweating and lifting.

But nature truly has its way of telling us that “Nothing in the world is worth having or worth doing unless it means effort, pain, difficulty…( – T. Roosevelt)”.

And for most of us who endure exercise, this “thing” worth having is probably a healthier body, mind, and spirit. A strengthened heart, and a happier disposition.

Well if it makes people happy – without hurting another, then who are we to stop that? 

So, let me just share a few points I’ve learned in my two decades’ attempt at exercise on how to talk to one’s self into exercising every day.

These things have actually worked for me. 

Post a motivational sticker

Post-its and phone notifications really do work. You know how some of our friends in the networking business gladly encourage us to have a dream journal? 

They believe that by setting up a visual of the specific things you want to achieve, there’d be a great chance for it to happen. 

That’s also true for small notes and reminders!

Excuse the language. I can be harsh on myself sometimes.

You can post them anywhere you could see them everyday!

Jot down your target goals – and be specific.

By doing so, you become even more detailed with your goals, which in turn, makes your actions more specific as well. 

Apps such as RunKeeper has this feature for free. It’s even able to set reminders for your next workout. 

Keeping notes could help you keep your promises!

Buy a new gear

What better way to motivate oneself to exercise than by having a new gear? 

In my case, since my old pair of shoes has spent time with me for about two years and 500km already, it’s time to update. Besides, shoes expire too.

So because millennials (ehem) are into online shopping these days, I bought a new pair of running shoes from Zalora. 

I was looking for a pair that looks good and is reasonably priced. 

Of course I was attracted to pretty yet expensive brands but since I didn’t want to spend that much I saw this new Asics Gel Galaxy 8, which was more than half the price of my old one. (I  know, it sounds like a cellphone unit).

So it arrived and it was everything I imagined it to be. Pink and girly. Hehe

Looks exactly like the photo online and the only thing missing is a break in run. 

When I tried it the first time, I have to say it felt uncomfortable. I wore it with bad socks and the laces were on too tight. 

I guess I got used to the snug feel of my old pair when the laces are tight.

I didn’t quite enjoy my first run because my toes were all squished and on top of one another. 😜

But of course, I gave it another run last week, armed with a good pair of socks and loosened shoelaces and I had the best run of 2017 – yet. 🙂 

The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 is one of the most lightweight running shoes you’ll see around. 

Here are the specs, material and details of the Asics Gel Galaxy 8 from Zalora.

I am not saying you keep buying a new gear every time you feel lazy to run! 

Instead, invest in a good gear that will make you feel a little guilty if you’re unable to maximize its use. 

The Asics Gel Galaxy 8 is a great partner for your daily or weekend run. Three hearts from me! ❤️❤️❤️

How do you motivate yourself? 

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