Why would anyone want to cap off their year-ends with a long and cheesy message that’s probably too personal to even be online, and has a pretty good chance of turning cringe-worthy in the long run?

Who in his right mind would do such a haunting damage to himself? 

No one else but me. 😅

So 2016, to sum it up in a phrase would be “a breeze.” Not that it has all been too easy and fun. Instead, a series of “WHAT? FRIDAY NA AGAD?”.

Even up to this month, the January memories are still fresh in my mind.

That’s maybe because we started the year at the office with a straight up, no frills goal of wanting this to be the BEST YEAR EVER. So we’ve spent all the weekdays aiming for this thought, that we didn’t realize the time.

It’s difficult, but thankfully, this objective also spilled over to what I wanted for myself and my family.

Being a long-distance working mom (because duh, I am from far away QC) has its disadvantages. For one, it forces me sometimes to forego my “Laundry Wednesdays”. Lol.

But I am proud to say that despite that, choosing to stay at the office even after its published closing hours helped spare myself from the drama of traffic wars with fellow commuters, or with the government, if need be. Plus it gets desk work done AF.

Happy to have the most patient people around me.

Also, Zach didn’t mind. This year has been pretty chill in this part of my life with him. I mean, he’s becoming more makulit and aggressive by the minute but overall, chill. Perhaps because he’s still in the pretty chill stage of not having school yet, which means we don’t have to worry about his baon or who’s driving him; at the same time, not an infant anymore, which means he can be kept busy with learning and play. 

I know one day, I’ll look back on this entry and instead of cringe, miss this time. 🙂 So I have no complaints.

But hey, babies grow. No one says it’ll be easy, but it’ll kick ass and be awesome! 

Of course, I am grateful to the people willing to help. 🙂

To my husband, who’s a certified introvert yet very much willing to compromise his geek time to accompany me at the movies (and all around town) 🙂 ..and for remembering to always be charming, kind and funny to dilute my cynicism and over-assertiveness, thanks.

To my mom, dad, brother, and sisters who, like always, are willing to drive miles from the hills to the city to drop off a dress I promised to wear but didn’t. For being patient with their ever notorious eldest no matter what, and for always being willing to pick up the phone and lounge in traffic for me… sorry, and thanks. haha. I only wish I could have as much patience and support for the kid I am raising.

To the in-laws for their same patience towards me and my inability to arrive home earlier, thanks. Please expect this not to end anytime soon. haha.

When the rest of the world one day would decide to give up on me, I realize now that at least there will still be people who are given no other option but keep me in their lives.

And while it’s true that I have tainted all my social media footprints with the word “stressed,” I would also like to believe that stress happens only to people who are blessed first and foremost. ™

Blessed with work pouring in, being kept busy, and having social functions to attend. Blessed with options that merit deep thought processes and a huge amount of faith.

Overall, I am thankful to the almighty God because even if I become impossible to look at and be with, I can still find the time to laugh, take a selfie, book a hotel, eat great food and travel from time to time.

So, looking back, as the year comes to its inevitable close, the only question I could muster myself asking is this: 

“Was I able to achieve the goal of having the best year ever?”

While I can certainly say that nothing on earth is perfect, by God’s grace, yes – 2016 has been the best year yet.

A blessed New Year to all of us! Welcome 2017!

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