Have a grand time at Le Grand Cirque this Christmas!

Metro Manila – Good news! The circus is in town! All to prepare in advance our holiday gift that everyone in the family would enjoy!

“Le Grand Cirque”, a large scale circus production composed of world-class performers, will be here from December 25 to January 3, 2016, to offer us everything we’ve been dreaming of in a festive display, and more!


Where else but in the entertainment and lifestyle center that began the funfair magic three decades past – the Araneta Center‘s BIG DOME.

Today, #teamferriol aka my husband, my son and I, were privileged to see this internationally acclaimed circus a day before Christmas. And although hub and I had a slight idea of what to expect, we still found ourselves mesmerized by the aerodynamics, physics and magical visual display that made our jaws drop the whole time.

Audience – composed of toddlers, kids, teens, parents and grandparents!

My personal favorite in this two-hour special are the jugglers and acrobats who, aside from showing millennials new photo poses for their Insta feed goals, also gave me a lot of deep thoughts to take home. Such as, how is it possible for these performers to keep a happy face amid their high-risk stunts? How long do they have to train to jump into a steep loop without ever touching it? Lol.

Hub preferred the fire laced baton performance, which looked like eye-catching poi dances in Boracay at one point, and a heart-racing fire whip act in the next! It’s crazy!


He’s also especially dazed with the transitions brought about by “mustache guy” who acted as a comic relief, appearing in all corners of the coliseum and unexpectedly picking audience members as part of the program. So yep! You have been warned.

As for two-year-old Zach, who came to see the circus for the first time, it had been a full two hours of pointing at different colored lights and flying trapeze artists!

If you would love to treat the whole family to a day of magic, acrobatic flare, gravity defiance, comedy, and precision, I would recommend catching Le Grand Cirque! Expect to be spellbound by atmospheric dynamics, contortionists, flying trapeze performances, wall walkers, trampoline jumpers and clown entertainment in a world-class ambiance! It’s a great way to enjoy the holidays!

Le Grand Cirque ticket prices are as follows:

VIP: Php 1,500
PATRON A: Php 1,250
PATRON B: Php 1,000
UPPER BOX: Php 350

Book them now!


As you walk within the Araneta Center, consider taking a look at some of its high-end residential towers collectively named Manhattan Garden City. Imagine having the chance catch the Araneta Coliseum’s greatest shows everyday of your life when you live in just a few steps away!



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