Christmas Party: 18-hours non-stop

December’s one of my favorite months. Aside from the cooler weather, dinner invitations here and there, Christmas bonuses, and a shared festive spirit, we (in our company) also get to have double parties at work.mzm_8970

This year, the marketing team had everything planned..(or not. lol). We were able to successfully organize both the parties of our in-house sales teams and of our company employees.

If you are into event planning, you’d realize that this means double work! It takes two scripts, two set ups, two opening numbers, two run throughs and two times the effort and energy.

Add that one party comes right after the other. That would have a grand total of 18 hours preparation and party, non-stop!

And who would dare say no to that? 🙂


The Sales Christmas party began as early as 11:00 AM. But we’ve been on the venue even earlier than that!

Lots of cool things were in store for the day! But the highlight of the program is the competition of course!

Ecstatic to have all 20+ sales divisions compete for the grand prize in our own LIP SYNC BATTLE!

Personally, I feel kinda proud of the talent that our sales teams have. Through the years, they have not failed to wow us in both their SALES (ahem) and their TALENT performances.

Part of the program is also an awarding ceremony to recognize our top sellers. This is also a traditional part of the event.

Our team is in charge of everything, including the opening number.

Half of the #MForce



The sales party was supposed to end at 3:00 PM sharp to give us time for cleaning up the venue and re-setting the tables and stage. But apparently, we were able to end the first party an hour later than that, which gave us a shorter time to prepare for the next one.

Stage design for party number 2

But because of the Christmas magic, we were able to successfully run and finish the second event with little adjustments! It had been a real challenge among all of us who lacked sleep and even appetite that time. But it helped that we’ve all done this before.

During this second party, a competition among different departments also took place. But this time, it’s in the form of a MUSICAL.

I co-hosted this one. So I was at the stage the whole time enduring my high-heels and ballooning gown for the rest of the night.


Our bodies ached but I couldn’t say that I didn’t have fun! 🙂

Lots of prizes were taken home through a series of raffles, including a pot cash prize!

Finally, the champion of the competition was announced.


The champions of the night, performing the musical CATS

It’s always a good time with this bunch. Upon announcement of our last spiel as hosts, we called it a day and went straight to freestyle partying. LOL.

I am amazed at my officemates’ level of vitality! As for me, I simply slumped into a chair right after the program. Letting my aching feet rest for a while. It had been a great day.

Quick group photo in between parties! Argh!

How’s your Christmas party?


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