Metrowear 2016: A win for Wynn Wynn

Wynn Wynn Ong – an epizeuxis in her name and yet couldn’t seem to accentuate enough how many hearts she has won that stunning night of the recent Metrowear Icon.

Designer Wynn Wynn Ong. Photo from her website.

Mine included – the heart of a simple girl who doesn’t even consider herself a fashionista much less a jewelry wearer as written in the bio of her ever basic Instagram feed. However, as if struck by awe and magic, I was dazed at the elegant pieces, which not only consists of gold and rock but notably of stories and experiences. And quite a storyteller Ms. Wynn Wynn Ong is.15138403_10154524322021013_686510226054734599_oIn collaboration with rising fashion designers in the industry, she was able to take us back and forth to old and modern traditions in the Western and Asian worlds. The photos in my phone do not give justice to the beauty of these pieces at all. With that, I invite you to visit her website to savor the artistry 15 years in the making.15123386_10154524322406013_6356636613186311924_o

Kudos to the Metrowear team for thinking to create a longer ramp walk so that the audience can take a closer look at the ensembles, for the perfectly coordinated stage design, hair-raising choices of music and for showing us the brilliance of a Wynn Wynn Ong in the Philippines.


Metrowear is co-presented by a world-class home developer Empire East.

The team responsible for this shenanigan. 
Took a selfie as the audience gush over the designer’s works as exhibited onstage.
Oyster in Asahi
With my sundo date 🙂

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