Nine times coffee saved my mom-life and advertising-life

I didn’t begin drinking coffee until I discovered Starbucks’ mocha frappe back in college. For budget days or exam weeks, I settled for 3-in-1. Kicks the same way anyway.

Now that I’m a working mom, coffee has been a staple part of my breakfast menu — sometimes in midday snacks. And I am pretty sure I happily traded a glass of flavored beer with a cup of Kapeng Barako in most (if not all) nighttime social “inuman” sessions (in real auntie fashion). And I couldn’t believe how it has helped save me at times I needed a sensory or mood boost.

Through the years, I have observed how my taste buds evolved from having a preference for sweet and creamy coffee to a black, gets-the-job-done kind of cup.

And here’s a list of the times my cup of coffee saved both my mom-life and advertising-life.

1. When I still have to show up the day after a night out

Because we work hard, there will always be times when we’d feel the need to reconnect with friends outside of work. Although “night out” for me either means catching a Last Full Show at the movies, having dinner or sitting at the bar for hours as I watch my friends binge and drink, I’d still end up tired.


However, because we are responsible adults, we make sure that we don’t let our social life interfere with our schedules during the day.

And because we still have to show up to work or be great parents the next day, we ask help from our dear friend coffeeboo to help us get over the hangover.

2. When the event’s call time is at 3 am


Advertising life requires us to be early for all events. It pays to begin before the sun rises as it offers enough time allowance for making mistakes and correcting them before the show starts. Remember: in order for us to be more discerning and wise, having coffee is nice. Rhyme intended. :/

3. When the paperwork’s legit boring me (or stressing me)


There’s no need to go over the details. But every time we find ourselves at the brink of hallucination because of the grids, lines, and broken printers, a cup of coffee could usually turn the day around.

4. When I want to instantly change from Godzilla to Chillzilla


I am MOODY. I can go to Godzilla level times two in worst days. But when I am easily angered, it’s also just as easy to pacify myself through a cup of coffee (and a slice of cake).

To be honest, it’s not the coffee per se but the time spent destressing and sitting quietly for a moment. Savouring the rich cup of joe as I air my sentiments to my hub or friends.

Ok, that and the warmth of the liquid slowly running down our body; as well as the rich blend of aroma helps improve one’s mood, science says.

5. When I want to hang out with hub yet don’t want to go far.

Chill sesh with the husband is the best. I always look forward to spending time with him. With our busy schedules, we only get to have a few hours after office sometimes to relax and evaluate the day. So coffeebreaks often do the trick. Though most of the time, he’d prefer a glass of beer over coffee. Haha!

6. When I need a third space to make that report or charge that phone


My love for coffee is doubled by local cafes’ ambience. That hushed noise, dim lights, mellow music and yes, free electricity to amp up the gadgets and get work done. Win-win-so much win!

7. When I want to start the day/week right

14570704_10154448478926013_2972075599187547325_oWant to know the secret to loving Mondays and mornings? Look forward to a hearty breakfast with warm and strong coffee! You’ll be surprised at the magic it can do to one’s productivity.

8. When I want to keep up with the baby’s busy schedule

Our baby has a busy schedule too. Sometimes he doesn’t want to sleep yet during the hours you desperately need to rest. What’s the solution? Lots of love and coffee!

9. When I am on diet


Coffee surprisingly only has 5 calories (without sugar and creamer). So it’s the perfect substance to fill us up after every salad. It gets the work done without inflicting further damage.

PS. My maximum dose per day is only one cup. Too much of something is bad. 😉

How do you enjoy your coffee?

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