Where do broken hearts go?

Let’s face it; we’ve experienced having our hearts broken once or several times before – mostly due to failed relationships. And whether it’s in the past or current event in your life, we all agree that we want to know the secrets to getting out of the potentially life-altering and damaging phase more quickly.


So just how do people heal a broken heart? After wallowing in tears and ice cream for days inside your bat cave of a room, it’s time to travel. Go to places you’ve never been. Take photos and enjoy the change in scenery.

As what the popular meme says “Nagmahal, nasaktan, nagtravel, gumanda.” Going to different places is surprisingly a magical ingredient to finally getting to what every heartbroken individual wants: “looking better and moving on.”

So just exactly where do broken hearts go? Here’s a list of media suggested, friends-approved and mind-proposed places.

1. Sagada

Come on; you must have seen it coming! Aside from Sagada’s Kiltepan peak being a naturally beautiful place, the hype of this attraction went rocket high when director Antoinette Jadaone made the film “That thing called Tadhana” starring Angelica Panganiban and JM de Guzman. It is a story of a girl who wanted to move on from a past relationship, so she traveled to Sagada where she found peace, beauty and a new opportunity at love. That year, tourists to Sagada doubled, which netizens insensitively generalized as “lahat gusto mag-moment!”

Photo from google

But really, going someplace far, quiet (hopefully), cold and new helps the brokenhearted create new experiences that supersede the bad ones.

2. Third wave bars or cafes (that serve unlimited coffee or booze)

Ok I do not drink alcoholic beverages aside from flavored beers (because I’m cool like that) so I don’t know! You tell me!

Perhaps getting drunk gives the heartbroken a chance to
A. Forget about the hurt for a moment or
B. have the courage to text or call the ex to explain Read: try to get him/her back (uh-oh! Drunk texting = no good) or
C. It’s not the beer you want but the time spent with your friends, who for the moment can help you realize how stupid you look already.


But again, visiting new places helps overcome sadness.

3. Home

This may sound contradicting because I did encourage you to get out of your bat cave at the beginning of this blog post, didn’t I? But you see, no other place in the world can give you the kind of solace, acceptance, and revitalization you need than your home. Aside from a spacious room that you can redecorate to keep you busy, you can also opt to chill by the pool. Dip or do some laps to sweat the stress out. Or read your favorite novel by the pocket gardens. Heck, you can even drag your reclining chair under the shade of the mango trees and sip your glass of cold cola all day long.

Your home can be the best place to heal. It’s where your family is, after all. Even when “he/she” has left you, you know that there are still people who loves you unconditionally and who will stick to your side no matter what. 


Try to look for a new home that strongly possesses the serene and the healing kind of environment. Those that are nature-inspired… filled with trees and gardens. Some place that is within the city but away from the center of pollution (aka your ex).

A place that has a swimming pool, perhaps a gym, an al fresco lounge and pocket gardens. Check out the Mango Tree Residences along M. Paterno corner Ledesma Sts. in San Juan City or the Covent Garden along Santol Ext. Magsaysay Boulevard in the City of Manila. These are new developments that offer the kind of solace for both the sad and the happy!


Love love love,


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