The struggles of a Pinay writer

I am writing this entry, armed with only a background of eight years in writing for a single company’s marketing materials, and that’s it. I had no column contributions nor thoughcatalogue deliverables. The only few times I get to see my articles published in the Philippine Daily Inquirer, and the Philippine Star is when I submit my byline-less compositions for project launches and event announcements.

I still consider myself a struggling Pinay writer, though. I tried to earn out of my articles apiece when I applied for writing jobs online such as those at My first online employer liked my work and tried to lure me into writing more with a promise of a top up of 5 dollars every four articles. I am like what the heck?


Moving forward, when I was looking for a job in the past, I never considered myself as a writer. Because for me, anyone can write! But if I won’t find my skill as a unique gift then I am left with no talent at all. I used to think that I am filled with talent only that they were not enhanced so much. I wanted to be a gymnast, but I never enrolled myself, you know. (So now I tumble in staircases instead to feed my hunger for dancing).

Any job in the world won’t come out without struggles in any form, right? So based on my few years of experience, I will list the struggles of a Pinay writer aka myself.

1. You have to have spotless grammar

And because English isn’t our first language every Pinay will struggle in grammar no matter how much they brush up on it. Even people from English speaking countries struggle in grammar. Even writers from newspapers struggle in grammar. That’s why they have editors, desk editors, and even chief-editors above all other editors. Haha.

Thus, we thank the heavens for inventing grammar correcting apps such as Grammarly! However, the struggle is still very much present and real because even though you pay a premium, it still won’t guarantee that it will catch all the bad stuff! You just truly have to struggle in grammar all your life because you can’t be a writer and have bad grammar, I mean that’s just wrong.

You have to manually scan all your content. You have to select a group of grammar nazis as friends so you can ask help from them all the time. You have to read read and read and practice practice practice! 🙂

2. You have to get over the ‘writer’s block’

What is worse than having bad grammar? Having nothing to write at all! Lots of people think that it’s easy to be a writer. To all of you I say, try to write a publish-worthy composition in an hour, will you?

Based on my experience, the writer’s block is just our mood interfering with our creative juices. Writers are very much moody. ‘Least the writers I know.

We don’t usually know how to stitch together the pieces of information we get. And that’s how we get stuck. However, the good news is that there’s a formula for getting unstuck. And that is… *drum roll* chocolates and coffee! Or a batch of thick-creamed Oreos. Writers have to amp up their mood so that they can get *wait for it* IN THE MOOD to write!

This is also the reason why some writers prefer to lock themselves in enclosed spaces so they could drown out the background noise and think. Some others prefer to write in busy places like cafes. Again, it depends on their mood okay?!

3. You have to steer clear from heart aches.

Yes, that’s write. I mean right!

Did I mention that writers are moody? And heartbreaks bring the mood on every damn time. (I am talking as if I’m a heartbreak expert. haha NO. I am not)

You see, unlike non-writers, writers know exactly how to describe their pain. And they come to their blogs to write exactly how they feel it. No censorship needed. And, well, sometimes it’s a bad thing because they feel the pain twice over. Some people who do not know how to describe emotions tend to pass it off quicker than writers. ‘Mean seriously… if I were to come back to college and choose my thesis this would def. be my topic.

“I whisper to the wind in hopes that my feelings find you.” is an example.

I mean what the eff does the wind have to do with your situation, woman?!

Heartbreaks also take up most of one’s creativity. Unless of course, you’re Taylor Swift trying to make a living out of heartbreaks (hi Tay, no offense please) then so be it. But if not, try to balance out the emotions, k?

So there. I’ll leave it to three points for now. I love writing!

Happy thoughts your way,


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