If you were to write a letter to your 10-year-old self

Today is a Monday. I just got back from an amazing weekend getaway to the beautiful islands of Palawan, Philippines three whole days of bed rest at home due to a high-grade fever. Anyway, today I am feeling all better and am determined to finish off the tasks I left off last week.

And as I was doing the first task, which is to write about 20 plus articles, I brainstormed about ideas that could be interesting to readers. I agreed (with my brain) that it would be nice to listen to older people of more than 60 years of age talk about the things they would advise in life to twenty and thirtysomething-year-olds.

After much inspiration I garnered from sifting through all random internet grandmas and granddads’ messages, I decided yet again right here right now to imaginarily talk to my ten-year-old self through a letter.

Just to warn you, dear friend, this is a letter to MYSELF so it might sound fun to me not to you. So I encourage you to have fun yourself by giving it a try after reading this.

Here goes!

Dear Jacinth,

Today, you’re probably all clad up in your plaid uniform following your line leader’s instructions of one-two-three. Your two-way braid and uniquely smaller sized, yellow-tinged blouse may not be doing you any good against the freezing morning weather in Antipolo, but that’s okay. You have to come to school nonetheless. When you grow up, there will be more pretend leaders who’d feel better seeing you follow their every behest. To avoid conflict, just smile and pretend dumb (‘least for the moment) XD

Hang in there. School isn’t so bad! Your tardiness today won’t mean you’ll have less respect for time when you grow up. If it makes you feel better, your experience will actually be the reason you wouldn’t want to come late to any other event.

Dear girl, don’t be scared you got to meet aunt flow this year. And got all moody and weird earlier than the rest. Their time will come. There are just some things we get earlier than the others. There are some events we experience uniquely, which sometimes make us feel truly alone. But learn that others get their own share of “things” to deal with. Time and chance happen to everyone.

Cherish your gradeschool friends. Some of them turn out to be the truest and the most loyal – even after college! So go ahead and spend more time with them. Make more memories to talk about when you’re all grown up!

Study harder. I know it’s difficult especially in your world of games and play. But it is true that great habits are formed young. Do not resent correction and always learn from the best.

However, grades do not define who you are. Employers don’t look at elementary grades anyway. And you end up in the same workplace as the rest anyway.

Lastly, just as you excitedly choose your favorite happy meal; happiness is truly a choice. Sometimes it doesn’t come naturally. It’s a choice of friends, a choice of relationships and a choice of self worth. Always, always choose God above all else. Choose to be happy.

Love lots,

Your ate girl ♥

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