How to make incredible marketing content?

In the digital world, there is high demand for online content. Why? Because more than 51 million users in the Philippines alone, connect to the internet everyday to “consume” stuff, you know what I’m saying?

Lots of blogs and websites have been quick to adapt such as BuzzFeed, ThoughtCatalogue and 9gag, which seems to offer new content everyday. And the results are viral! This is what prompted Philippine brands to go online as well. But, advertising practitioner JSNCRUZ says that online brands these days are competing with an average of 299 other contents online. Be it a video of a cat, a newborn baby, a travel photo or the like. It’s all about numbers.

So, how do advertising practitioners put themselves on top of the 299 pcs. of clutter? Have good, if not the best content! But how do we know if we’re putting out consumable content? Here’s a list of what I learned from yesterday’s General Monthly Meeting of the Philippine Association of National Advertisers (PANA) at the Hardrock Cafe, Makati.

First and foremost, marketing content is NOTHING BUT A STORY. It takes the reader from Point A (perhaps the setting of the story and the problem) to point B (the punchline, ending, what happened next?). This is basic. Sometimes it can go from B to C to D but it depends.


1. (Universally) Entertaining

First, to be entertaining, great marketing content must either make a person laugh or cry. From this alone, let’s look back on previous contents we’ve actually shared in our facebook timelines in the past and ask ourselves why on earth did we do that? Was it a video of your niece doing silly things with her food? Or was it the viral toddler who blamed batman for the mess he made on the mirror? Whatever it was, you’ve probably been swept by entertainment that’s why you shared it.

 2. Educational (What can we benefit from reading this?)

Second, to become educational, it has to be something that is relevant and directed to a specific market. For instance, women would love to know how to use a tampon. So the advertiser will write content specifically mentioning women’s feelings and hassles during their monthly period so they create an infographic, which readers won’t probably share publicly but will mention with their friends. In the Philippines’ recent events, information on elections became viral because it aimed to educate all voters on what to do in their precinct.

 3. Evoke emotions.

Lastly, the marketing content must evoke emotions. Why? Because it’s only through tugging on the heartstrings  that we are able to effect our call to action. A call to action is a very powerful even in which we are able to ask our viewers and readers to do something after they have consumed our content. Whether it is to call our hotline, visit our website or like our online pages.

I remember browsing through my feed one time and I decided to click on the story of a boy who endures a two-hour walk to school everyday despite eating only rice and salt for lunch. The teacher who took that photo and shared it online including myself, the reader of the story, are both touched by the effort that this kid is making. In the ten years I’ve been in the Internet, never have I contacted any author or publisher of any online content to express my feelings. But this particular content was different. I messaged “When In Manila” via facebook just to say how deeply touched I am with the story and that I actually want to donate to the child. They will keep me updated. 🙂


In my next blog, I’ll talk about what I learned about the the four pillars of good content by JSNCRUZ. 🙂

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