Military Diet: Loose 10 pounds in 3 days?

Losing weight is a game changer for both men and women, which springs from various issues and reasons. But anyone who has tried to lose weight would attest to the fact that it’s not that easy. With portion controls and exercise amid a world with so much to offer, it would be safe to admit that it is hard work! This is why fad diets such as the Military Diet that promises people to loose 10 pounds in 3 days has gotten quite popular.

But is it really effective? Is it safe? Is it worth doing?

I heard about this Military Diet from a colleague whom I thought got back to her thinner physique just moths after giving birth. I asked her “How did you lose so much weight so fast?”. She then admitted that she tried this Military Diet and proceeded to sending me a photo guide of the food she consumed for 3 days.

Finally, months after that, I gave it a try. Did it work for me? Here’s an account of what I ate, how I felt and how much I lost in a span of 3 days.



1/2 Grapefruit: 45 calories
1 Slice of Toast: 120 calories
2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter: 200 calories
1 cup Coffee or Tea (with caffeine): 5 calories


This is the list of food suggested by the website. However, I made the mistake of substituting the grapefruit with an orange, which was so wrong because apparently, oranges yield the “opposite”effect of the grapefruit. Which effect? I really don’t know since the website’s very limited. However, according to the same site, substituting a tablespoon of baking soda mixed in a glass of water would have done the trick for me as it gives the same effect as the grapefruit. So did I make this mistake from Day 1? Maybe. But I continued eating the other suggested food in this group anyway.

Having this kind of breakfast in day 1 made me happy! I didn’t feel deprived at all since the peanut butter over whole wheat bread was yummy and filling. I also didn’t have an issue with fruits and I have made myself immune to the bland taste of black coffee so that’s not really a problem with me.


1/2 Cup of Tuna: 150 calories
1 Slice of Toast: 120 calories
1 cup Coffee or Tea (with caffeine): 5 calories

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

30 mins. before I took this set, I was feeling hungry. However, it was worth the wait. The moment I took a bite of that tuna topped bread, I was satisfied! It gave me enough energy to last to 3:00 PM of the day. However, I had to take some elements of dinner for midday snack as I truly couldn’t wait for the evening anymore. Besides, the website didn’t have a time requirement anyway. The author even mentioned that the diet is all about calorie consumption anyway.

Midday Snack:

I took the apple which was supposed to be for dinner!

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset


3 ounces of any type of meat: 300 calories
1 cup of green beans: 35 calories
1/2 banana: 50 calories
1 small apple: 75 calories
1 cup of vanilla ice cream: 300 calories


We are allowed 3ox of any meat. But I am not sure if the shredded chicken in this salad was enough. Oh I also substituted green beans with lettuce so I am not sure if that affected the results. HAHA. The next time I do this diet, I’ll try to stick to the exact food!



1 egg 75 calories
1 slice of toast: 120 calories
1/2 banana: 50 calories

Processed with VSCO with c3 preset

This day was a difficult one for me. It takes approximately an hour or two to go from my home to the office. I did not have this breakfast set with me at home so I had to come to the office in an empty stomach. I had to walk from the bus stop to my workplace and I felt weak and truly hungry. But upon eating this bunch, I felt so much better. TIP: Maybe have your breakfast with you at home to skip such suffering. As for me, I’d like to think I can delay eating my breakfast so the time I finished eating it would be closer to the time I get to take my next meal: lunchtime. 😛


1 cup of cottage cheese: 230
1 hard boiled egg: 75 calories
5 saltine crackers: 70 calories
1/2 cup of carrots: 25
 calories (supposedly for dinner)
1 cup of broccoli: 35 calories (supposedly for dinner)

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

We attended an event in our site showroom. Good thing the saltine crackers I got could easily fit my bag. I did not find cottage cheese from the grocery but the website allows cheddar cheese for substitution. I brought a piece of cheddar but upon seeing the food offered at the event’s buffet, I opted to substitute my cheese with a piece of chicken wing instead. Which is still allowed as per the website. The only thing I am not sure of was when I ate some elements of my dinner to lunchtime. In the same buffet I saw that they offered chopsuey made up of cauliflower and carrots among other things. Website allows for the substitution of dinner’s broccoli with cauliflower so I decided to take the veggies portion by lunchtime. I do not know for sure if that made any difference with the result of this diet.


2 hot dogs (without bun): 350 calories
1/2 banana: 50
1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream: 150 calories (In the photo, as you can see, I substituted vanilla ice cream with a cup of flavored yogurt as recommended in the website)

20160603_164505 (1)

Too hungry I forgot to take a photo of the hotdogs first before I took a bite.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Substituted vanilla ice cream with flavored yogurt, which was allowed in this diet.



5 saltine crackers: 70
1 slice (1 ounce) of cheddar cheese: 120 calories
1 small apple: 75 calories

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Ok, day 3 of this diet offers obviously less food on your plate. But by this time, your body seems to have adjusted with the low caloric intake so it’s much easier to handle. Surprisingly, this breakfast set is so filling! But it won’t last you ’till lunchtime. You’d go hungry by 11:00 AM.


1 hard boiled egg (or cooked however you like): 75 calories
1 slice of toast: 120 calories

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

This set is filling too, for a moment. 🙂 but you’ll make it!


1 cup of tuna: 300 calories
1/2 banana: 50
1 cup of vanilla ice cream: 300 calories


I have to admit something for this. I took a cup of vanilla ice cream for midday snack. That’s around 3:30 PM or 4:00 PM.

And then, I took a loooong nap at home! When I woke up, it was already 7:00 PM. Did not feel hungry then but I consumed my full cup  (or in this case, can) of tuna and half a banana to cap off my 3-day diet. Nope. I did not feel hungry by this time. 🙂 In fact, I was excited to see the results the next day!


Yes. When I started this diet, I was at 120 lbs. After three days, I was at 115 lbs. (just a pound away from my pre-pregnancy weight). So I guess it’s safe to say that I was able to lose as much as 5 lbs. in 3 days. Results vary from people to people. But did I lose real fat or water weight? I am not sure. But my clothes felt larger now. So that’s a good thing as it meant I was able to trim some fat from my waist and arms. I was also able to catch a couple or three compliments from various people. But not all. So maybe it meant, the result wasn’t as noticeable.

Will the pounds ever come back again? I hope not. But I know with reckless binge eating (which I am very fond of since birth), they can and might.


Just so it’s clear, I have been fluctuating between 120 and 116 lbs. for quite some time now. This isn’t the first time I tried a fad diet. I was on a 7-day GM diet (General Motors) which was also very restrictive in food intake, but I believe it’s one of the reasons why I was able to plummet from 130 lbs. to 120 lbs. After 120 lbs., it felt more difficult to lose more weight. But it doesn’t mean I won’t try.

But before I get judgment from anyone, I’d like to make it clear that I do NOT think that skinnier people are prettier than the rest of the world. No. It’s only after I hit a hundred and fifty pounds from my last pregnancy that I realized how difficult it was for me to do my daily routine such as commuting from home to work, which apparently involved climbing staircases. I also felt very lethargic during those times and my muscle work was weird in all places. So I’ve decided to do what’s best for me. I know that by keeping fit and losing a few pounds, I’d be able to regain the strength I’d be needing for my daily routine and office responsibilities.


The concept of reducing weight is the same for any diet. If we watch what we eat, say no to sugar and fatty food and count our portions (or calories), we will be able to succeed in losing a few pounds. This could be helpful when we have an event to attend in a short span of time. However, keeping the weight off is a different thing. It always has to be constant weight-watching, exercise and saying NO to greasy stuff.


Fad diets such as the Military Diet could be dangerous especially for people who have other sickness or health issues. Maybe hormonal or something involving the organs. So I recommend that before trying to lose weight or any diet at all, you must first know your body inside and out. Do you know your body’s reaction when you cut out anything from your diet? Are you aware of any hormonal issues that may hamper the results of your diet? It’s best that you make a few trips to your endocrinologist or gynecologist first to check it out. 🙂

And, should you try out this diet, make sure that YOU ALWAYS DRINK LOTS OF WATER. About 2 liters per day!

Finally, know your reason for losing weight. If it’s for your own empowerment, confidence and strength, then by all means do what’s right for you. But if you are in it to impress another or get back at anyone, then you must be aware that you may be prone to hurting yourself in the end. We are all beautiful (no matter what they say haha) and we can always customize our physical, emotional and mental health according to our needs and preferences. It only means that we are all responsible for our health and happiness.

That’s what we all want right? To be healthy and happy 🙂 Just be responsible and everything will be fine!


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