The most affordable real estate development for startup families in the Philippines

I’ve been married for more than a year and this milestone has kept me thinking about the most affordable real estate development for startup families in the Philippines. Because now that I have a family of my own to consider, I feel that I can no longer rely on home-sharing with my parents and siblings because we already have separate issues to handle.

Little did I know that searching for a home is as tough as life itself. There are several things to consider, which includes proximity to our offices and schools as well as safety for our kids. But personally, the first problem I encountered was choosing whether to purchase a house and lot in the outskirts of Rizal or a condominium unit within Metro Manila. Location truly takes a huge chunk in the decision process.

While I haven’t bought one yet, I have already started listing the qualities I love to have in my new home. First, my address shouldn’t burden me from my commute to work. I am a young working mom and I love coming to work because it fuels my passion in my field of expertise – and it helps me support the needs of my family. Second, the home that I’d choose must be within a safe and secure vicinity with equally safe facilities. Third, this new home must provide us value for our money. My husband and I work day in and out to earn cash for savings and investment. We give importance to every minute we spend earning these bucks. So we are determined to do ample research on where to spend and invest them.

In the short time I did my research on the most affordable real estate development for startup families in the Philippines, I have learned that most condominiums in Metro Manila offer very flexible terms of payment. One of them is Empire East. I have been hearing a lot about this company even before I got married because of all the billboards they have scattered along EDSA. Until finally I decided to walk into one of their developments, Pioneer Woodlands in Mandaluyong City, to inquire. I have learned that in 5 years, I can pay for my home through a 20 – 80 – 20 payment scheme, which allows me to provide 20% down payment while I pay 80% in equal payments for how many months, until I move into my unit 5 years from now to pay the balance of another 20%. Aside from the address being in an advantageous location right at the midpoint of EDSA where all schools and business districts are easily within reach, and their secure gated community with 24/7 security and CCTVs, I fell in love with this kind of payment scheme. It allows me to strategically partition my earnings as we wait for our move in date in 5 years.

I truly commend this company because I felt that they are indeed able to understand the sentiments of working moms and startup families like me. Indeed, I feel #blessed to have encountered one of the most affordable real estate development for startup families such as ours. What’s best is for as low as 15,000 pesos I was able to reserve the corner unit I preferred! It’s indeed a lovely day!

(PS. This is an SEO exercise article)

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