Chasing Sunrise: Mt. Pulag over laboracay

It was a toss between seeing the sunrise at the beach (because it was popularly Laboracay feels this time) and watching the sunrise at the highest mountain peak in Luzon – Mt. Pulag? :p We’re glad we chose the former!

Mt. Pulag is found 2,922 MASL. You can get here via a route from Baguio City.

First day sunrise. Taken from Baguio, before going to the ranger station.

Because we chose to come here during the summer, the weather was the tolerably cool kind and not the freezing kind.



However, when we began our ascent as early as 1:00 AM, we definitely still needed to layer clothing to protect us from the cold.

But instead of fog, we were presented with a perfect view of the stars.

We endured a 4-5 hour trek to the summit from the ranger station where we filed in a single line until we reached camp 2, which was 3 hours from our starting point. From there, we met other climbers who were all chasing the first peek of the sun.

Because our team had first timers, we were climbing the trail slow and easy so we could catch our breath. One thing I learned is that no matter one’s pacing, you’re all going to meet one another at the top anyway. So it’s best that you simply enjoy the experience.

Friends we met during the hike.


But always keep in mind that the goal is time-pressured lest you’d miss daybreak.

As we near the assault, we had the perfect 360-degree view of the grassland.

It was my first time to witness both the moon set and the sun rise in an absolutely coordinated tandem in the sky!

“It’s the best of both worlds!” I exclaimed as I glance from left to right where the sun slowly descends as the moon makes its way up the sky at the same time. And suddenly, we were standing in the midline of day and night.

Despite the taxing hike, the view from the summit is worth it. Seeing the mountain heads and a beautiful horizon is enough for me to want to come back to the place in another time.

It makes me wonder why all great places have to be far away. It’s maybe God’s way of telling us that life’s greatest blessings are worth being pursued. You have to work for it before you can enjoy it.

Be warned, although the sun shines for everyone, the hike at Mt. Pulag is not for all. Unless you are up for the challenge! 🙂



Praying for great health for everyone! 🙂

The best part of Mt. Pulag is the hike at the grassland with new friends 🙂


Look at the beautiful sea of cloids in the mountain peaks at the background.

We’d like to thank our cousins Racquel and Jade, and my friend Anna for lending us our hiking gears. 🙂 TravelFactor for an organized trip.

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