Olivia, Will You Marry Me?

Over a year ago, a group of advertising practitioners rocked OOH advertising by filling the most jammed highway in Metro Manila (EDSA) with bright pink mini billboards bearing the words “Olivia, Will You Marry Me?“. It was Valentines season and the country was still at the height of viral proposal videos online, which was the reason that this campaign instantaneously took the internet by storm!

It caused such a stir on twitter, facebook, instagram, blogs, and local news portals – with everyone wanting to find out who this rich guy is and, more importantly, WHO how beautiful this Olivia girl is – I mean for someone to actually spend time, guts and money to fill the highway with proposal billboards just for her?! Haba ng hair!

No one had a clue as nothing else was written in the billboards apart from a “21414” at the corner, which was quickly associated with the date February 14, 2014. Alas, the date came by but nothing was yet revealed; boosting people’s expectations up a notch!

‘Is it a real proposal? Or just a marketing ploy?’ netizens ask.

It definitely was too-good-to-be-true a proposal as it turns out to be only a clever marketing campaign by a group of kids professionals – to which, I am humbled to belong to.

And, here is a link to our team’s exclusive feature article! Enjoy!


MEET THE TEAM BEHIND ‘OLIVIA.’ From left: Marketing communications specialist Jazz Gacula, graphic artist Mike Mijares, special projects officer Bheng Traqueña, graphic artists Cara Garcia and Denise Ballares.

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Jazz is a city girl with three full-time jobs: corporate advertising practitioner, a wife, and a mom. Despite the busy schedule, she loves thinking about vacation and, when lucky, gets to actually have it once in a while. Since she's in the city most of the time, she expresses city-level qualms and delights in all her online posts; and a heightened desire for "what's out there". Follow her blog as she discovers parenting for the first time, battle her social drawbacks, exercise faith, improve her strength, and mature into a true adult some day.

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